Updating Your Makeup for Spring 2020

Quick Ways to Recreate Your Beauty for Spring 2020 makeup!


Recreating your look for spring 2020 doesn’t mean you need to rush to a salon for a full head to toe makeover with an army of hair, skin and makeup professionals to benefit. Sometimes, the best way to freshen your beauty is with subtle changes for a new look. Therefore, I wanted to share some quick ways for updating your makeup for spring 2020.

Spring 2020 makeup is going to focus more of the playing with color than last year with bright liners and exaggerated floating lines across the lids to neon shadows to sparkles. Instead of a natural, minimalist look, one of the quick ways to update your look is with bright, highly pigmented shades of eyeshadow such as lime green, magenta, shocking white, and reds with unexpected color combinations. You get this effect from mixing those bold colors like an artist for rainbow eyes to using shades that are paler for dreamy blends that give the lids the impression of sherbet.

If you’re uncomfortable with intense electric colors for your eyes, then pale blue shadow is another option just as shimmering smokey eyes are for an easy way for updating your makeup for spring 2020.

Usually lips brighten up for spring with pops of happy color, but this upcoming season is about doing a red mouth or going even darker with a Goth look that is nearly black. Another quick way to recreate your look for spring 2020 is using gloss for lips but also for some extra shine to your face.

Cheeks will take the same cue for showing more vivid color than before, especially focusing on fresh takes of pink and rose. You can deepen the blush shades that you own by using them together. Start with the cream shade and then dust on a brighter powder blush. The real secret is packing on more pigment.

Another of these quick ways for updating your makeup for spring 2020 to recreate your look is concentrating on your brows. Merely filling any thin spots in and combing with a spoolie can do wonders for giving the face new definition.

Something as simple as changing your hair’s part can have a big impact. Occasionally, moving your part also has another advantage. You’ll avoid weighing the roots down from constantly keeping the hair in the same spot, which can cause breakage from damaging the roots.

Speaking of hair, bangs are of the quick ways to recreate your look for spring 2020. Long bangs over the brows to a micro fringe can do the trick to freshen up your beauty.

You might also want to take the plunge and color your hair. A popular trend for spring is picking a warm shade close to your own and blend in a light color and a dark for lowlights that play up light and color to use it to the max.

What I’m saying here is that you don’t have to do a lot to freshen your look for spring. You just may find it can also be done by adopting one or a few of these quick ways for updating your makeup and hair to recreate your beauty for spring 2020.


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