Sleep Mask Benefits for Beauty and Health You Need

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I was always on the fence about the value of wearing a sleep mask to bed for the benefits you may receive.  To me, it was hard to imagine how a small length of fabric wrapped around your eyes could be useful for sleep and beauty benefits. When I saw a few people wearing them during flights, I thought it was their way to avoid conversation with the person in the seat beside them. After finally trying a sleep mask as a last resort when I needed to catch up on my sleep, I surprised myself and found I had wrongly judged the sleep mask as an effective sleep aid for help with beauty and health.

Though you may draw your drapes or lower blinds, a bit of light always seems to spill through the window when you want utter darkness. You could have a clock or a television like mine that has a light that never goes off in your bedroom that could be creating a trace of light as well. Disruptive light could also add to your problem sneaking under a closed bedroom door from the next room from someone still up. Believe it or not, even a minute amount of dim light can reach through your eyelids and throw your melatonin production out of whack to keep you awake. In order to create total darkness for the best sleep environment, you would need black out curtains, specifically designed to make it impossible for light to penetrate through them. Please keep in mind that this variety is different from ones labeled room darkening curtains.

However, the less expensive option is a sleep mask because the material can provide that barrier to block the light from penetrating through your shut eyes. This way the brain will release melatonin, your body’s natural sleep hormone. Thanks to a sleep mask, your risk of health related illness such as problems with the immune system, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and stress goes down. This is why a sleep mask has benefits by the way it can induce deep sleep that can help health and beauty for safeguarding against excess weight to what it also can do for anti-aging and tissue and cell regeneration for a younger appearance, brighter complexion and overall healing.


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