Winter Skin Relief Your Complexion Deserves

Winter Skin Relief Your Complexion Longs for

Cold winter weather has never been a friend to our skin. As a result of those drastic changes in chilly temperatures, our complexions can really dry out and rob us of that vital moisture our skin craves to stay healthy and looking radiant. However, there are some simple changes that you can make to your skin care routine that can really make a big difference for sought after winter skin relief that your complexion will thank you for.

Your first thought may be to your moisturizer. While heavier lubrication is important, you need to start also thinking about the cleanser you use. If you want to keep your complexion in the best condition through cold weather, then opt for a heavier duty formula of facial cleanser. Aim for bottles that either specify an oil-based cleanser or a milky formula. These types can be less drying and gentler on your weathered skin.

The thinner water-based cleansers often contain more detergent and foam easily.  Regardless, but they may overly strip your complexions oils at this time in the year when your skin is more sensitive. You can determine the type of cleanser either by your ingredient list or the amount of bubbles you get while washing.

Exfoliation is still critical despite the season for keeping our complexions vibrant. Yet, this is hardly the time to overdo refining your skin with daily exfoliation, especially with grainy scrubs. The best way to safeguard a winter complexion while still sloughing off dead skin cells and traces of any imbedded grim and makeup is by turning to chemical exfoliation such as alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids, lactic acid, and glycolic acid over harsher physical exfoliation from rough, irregular granules such as apricot seeds, walnut shells, etc.

Another way to winter skin relief is lightening up on salicylic acid products that can overly dry out and peel the skin. Even though your complexion may not be typically sensitive, winter can compound those drying effects to the point of irritation and excess redness and unsightly peeling.

If you like that feeling of extra clean by getting rid of every last trace of makeup and grime, then toners may be a part of your normal skin care routine. The only problem is many toners contain alcohol, which is extremely drying so check the ingredient list for needed winter skin relief.

Winter can also take a toll on our hands and nails.  You might want to check my DIY Moisturizing Nail Soak recipe as well and earlier post on winter hand care.


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