Cheap Entertainment While Hunkering Down

Cheap Entertainment While Hunkering Down TV


Millions of us are hunkering down to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Some of us did this suddenly and what can you do? Streaming services really help a lot. Listening to the news is just extremely stressful anymore and we need to unwind. With this in mind, I gathered up some ideas for cheap entertainment when hunkering down that can come in handy during these difficult times.

So things like music, video games, reading, and movies are great to explore for taking your mind off of the Coronavirus. Likewise, turning on the television to mentally chill out for a while always seems to have daily special reports, which instead of calming your fears only strengthen them as they drag on saying the same things in those long interruptions. Talking is wonderful, but more than likely the big topic always comes back to this virus before you know it.

Now if you run out of everything else to occupy yourself with and are concerned about money there are several great streaming services that are free. And don’t forget the regular networks they are chocked full of stuff other than news online.

Here are several I like as sources for cheap entertainment while hunkering down that you may want to check out. I can spend loads of time watching cat and dog videos on, but they have some good movies too that are free to watch if you don’t mind ads. These websites also have movies that you can buy there as well. But if you cut off Netflix or Hulu try looking at

Another one is Pluto TV. I was at their website and saw loads of great free movies and TV shows. Their site is laid out nicely and they have apps for it on many smart TVs.

Tubi is another ad supported streaming site recently acquired by Fox and it’s free with nice content.

Walmart has a site called Vudu.  Some of the content there is free with ads and other stuff you pay for.

IMDB TV is another I just found. I use this site a lot for just the IMDB when I am researching a movie and this part of the site I never noticed until today.

Sling TV  has a $20 offer right now too. They have a lot of great content that you could get for essentially free for a time at least. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the free offers if you never had Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. They aren’t right for me. Yet, it is another option for at least the free trial if the household gets stir crazy that is available.

I have heard talk of some streaming services who supposedly are extending their free trials to 30 days but I haven’t seen it on their sites. But I bet it’s coming.

With all the uncertainty the Coronvirus is causing for our health and economic future, cheap entertainment is something that can be especially useful while hunkering down and getting through a stressed budget.


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