How to Get the Best Clean Using Dry Shampoo

how to get the best clean using dry shampoo at salon

Dry shampoo may not be your first choice for cleansing your hair, but it is also an essential one. After all, you may fall ill or simply run out of time for one reason or another.  If you hate or just are unenthusiastic about dry shampoo, the reason could be you’re using this product in the wrong way. Therefore, I wanted to explain how to get the best clean using dry shampoo while avoiding common mistakes that may be prejudicing you against the miracles this product can do.

To begin with, you need to think about how you spray dry shampoo. Believe or not, a huge mistake is piling too much dry shampoo on top of your head as you spray. Instead of ending up with a cloud of dry shampoo powder that may be choking you at the same time, you need to take a different approach by parting your hair into four-inch sections first. I found it helps to start parting above the ear and work from there.

After sectioning, you need to remember that distance of where you aim that dry shampoo is also critical to get the best clean using dry shampoo. A simple mistake you might have been making is spraying too close or too far away from your head. The ideal distance you should strive for is about six to eight inches. The reason distances matters is because the dry shampoo could land in one spot and become hard to separate once in the hair. Besides that unappealing prospect, the wrong distance between your hair and the spray could cause dullness or spoil the look of your hair color.

The third most important thing after spraying is not giving the dry shampoo a few minutes to absorb into the scalp before massaging it in. Being too impatient can ruin the hair results you want because those dry shampoo ingredients need a chance to settle in and work.

Dry Shampoo Technique Matters

How you proceed with your fingers can be a hit or miss for how to get the best clean using dry shampoo. You could be in a hurry and just briefly scrunch the product in with your fingers before trying to brush it out. This is a bad mistake because you want to remove as thoroughly as possible the hair oils, dirt and styling products. In order to accomplish this, you want to really get in there with your fingers, massaging the scalp mercilessly for a few minutes until you cover the entire head. You’ll know that you’re doing a good job when noticing the dry shampoo feels about the same against your scalp wherever you touch.

Though you can use any type of brush to comb out the dry shampoo residue, the most desirable option is using a boar-bristle oval brush. The reason boar bristle is the best for this task is because the bristle is porous and can soak up the dirt and oils from the dry shampoo like a sponge. It can also condition the hair with a bit of its own natural oil and add to shine.

Once you are ready to start brushing the dry shampoo out, the technique also can matter. Start brushing underneath your hair and move it from the roots to the ends. The reason changing how you brush the dry shampoo out is so important is because it the most even way to get the residue out of the hair while preserving that full volume. To finish and handle any flyaways, just run the brush gently over the top of the hair.

Selecting the right formulation of this product for your hair type is something else to consider for how to get the best clean out of dry shampoo. For example, if you have fine, thin hair, try an aerosol dry shampoo for building up the volume as you clean. Because this form typically has alcohol and starch to absorb the oil and grime from the head, it can temporarily clean and lift the strands without depositing as much of the residue as other dry shampoo sprays.

Dry shampoo may not be what you want to use to clean your hair daily, but done properly it can leave fresher hair you desperately want.


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