How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

how to turn your bathroom into a spa


When you have enough of the world and need to retreat, the best place to do it is stealing away for some private time in your bathroom. The thought of needed pampering in a soothing private sanctuary is so therapeutic for the mind and body for recouping after a long day. However, who has the luxury of a daily spa visit? Being the case, let me show you what a few changes can make for how to turn your bathroom into a spa.

The first thing to consider is your color scheme. Bright colors and wild patterns are chaotic instead of serene to the eye whether on the walls, a shower curtain, a rug, the floor to the accessories in your bathroom. A more calming environment is switching to neutral colors such as beige, white, ivory, olive, gray and working with varying tones of one color. The best place to start is concentrating with that desired color on the floor and then moving on to coordinate. Neutral shades, especially one like white, are fresh feeling and clean and won’t cause mental reaction like a red or bold yellow that can keep you alert or energized.

You also should take an inventory of your bathroom. Examine your vanity or toilet tank for overflowing with bottles, jars, tools, etc. to the point that it dominates the space can only lead to tension. You want to get rid of the excess clutter. Trying to relax in a disorderly setting is impossible. Your eyes will keep focusing on the mess since there is no where else to look.

A better idea is minimizing what you need out in the open such as soap or things like cotton swabs that won’t deteriorate from moist heat and steam.  Move the rest out of your bathroom. A clear glass jar for those necessities like swabs or bobby pins can keep the feel of your bathroom clean as well as organized.

Another way to turn your bathroom into a spa is by incorporating elements of nature into the room. Accessories such as trash can, a tissue holder, a toilet brush holder, a storage bin for towels, in wood, wicker, rattan to lush greenery can bring the sense of the outdoors inside. The reason you want living plants is because they can help curb some of the humidity, help filter the air from allergens like dust in addition to lending that tranquil outdoor feel.

Spas also are known to gear a user’s experience around the senses. Therefore, you want to do the same thing if you hope to turn your bathroom into a spa. Think of the scents that soothe you such as lavender, eucalyptus or bergamot for help with aromatherapy bath salts, a detox mineral bath soak, a herbal bath soak, candles, diffusers, etc. Textures also can have a calming effect from fluffy towels to the bath rug. In addition, the lighting may need to be rethought. You want the effect of soft illumination into the room over harsher, bright light. To accomplish this, you may find different bulbs can help with that as well as keeping light fixtures at head height casts a more relaxing glow to the room.

A new shower head can also help turn your bathroom into a spa if you buy a massage shower head with multiple settings. You can vary the water pressure to suit your body’s needs, which can really do wonders when you need to relax.

Anyone can make a few small changes to turn your bathroom into a spa. You just need to start somewhere first to benefit and then enjoy your private sanctuary to the fullest!


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