Skin-Care Secrets for Dullness to Reverse It Quickly

Skin-Care Secrets for Dullness and Quick Results


Regardless of how much we pay attention to our beauty routines, everyone has those days when we awake with a lifeless complexion. Instead of just trying to mask the dullness and puffy eyes along with those matching dark rings with extra layers of makeup, let me show you some fantastic skin-care secrets for dullness that can speed results and give that lackluster complexion the jumpstart it desperately needs.

You may want to start by adapting the way you cleanse your face is especially important on a day when your complexion is suffering. Switch out the plain soap and water or cleansers that won’t provide enough slip for one like an oil cleanser that is more lubricating. The reason you want to do this is because you can use your fingers to gently massage and knead the skin with your knuckles to boost radiance. You want that blood circulating to bring those tired cells the oxygen and nutrients they need. Therefore, take advantage of your fingers as a beauty tool and keep that action up until the complexion is slightly pink.

Days when my complexion is really in distress, I go a step further after cleansing by steaming my face next. You can use a facial steamer or even put your face over a pot of boiled water to purge the pores and open them further to receive a mild alpha-hydroxy type of acid from a peel pad. Though you may not always have time to do this step, I found it does the trick to brighten as it exfoliates. It also primes that drab complexion to best absorb a face serum that has essential amounts of vitamin C.

Another of these skin-care secrets for dullness to speed results and end a blah complexion is not just rushing in with your skin care products randomly. To get the most out of them when your skin is not at its best is to start by applying the thinnest formulas first. Allow each layer time to soak in before moving onto your next product. What helps that absorption is gently tapping the skin as you go. Otherwise, you risk clumps of the product going in one spot or missing places on the face entirely. If you can’t wait to get those products on, you have a better chance of not causing pilling just by pouring several of what you use in the palm of your hand and mixing for one application.

Puffy eyes and dark circles can come from allergies as well as your eye creams. You may find an antihistamine helps solve the problem. Another cause is using too much eye cream. Some formulas of eye cream are thicker than the extremely thin layer of skin under the eye can handle. The amount of what you are applying could just be sitting on top causing excess swelling to milia, which account for those white bumps along the lids. Thus, you may solve this eye problem just by using less eye cream.

You are what you eat. With this said, another of these skin-care secrets for dullness to reverse a dismal complexion is examining your diet. If you have been eating a lot of greasy junk food or overdoing sweets, your skin could be paying the price. What I found that is beneficial is eating more omega-three foods and taking omega oil supplements as well as adding a fiber drink like Metamucil to cleanse the body’s system of toxins and probiotics help jumpstart the look of a suffering complexion.

Another of the skin-care secrets for dullness that can work quickly to deliver a glowing complexion is closing up the pores after cleansing by splashing with extra cold water. However, resorting to very cold water is only a temporary fix. Nonetheless, if you are desperate when in a hurry to reboot the look of your skin, it can stimulate blood flow. You just don’t want to splash with ice water or use ice cubes on your face to risk small capillaries from breaking and rising to the surface.

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