Social Distancing Activities for Home That Help

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Let’s face it, but we never had anything as scary as the arrival of the Coronavirus. Hardly much is known about this health risk and how it is spread. Without any vaccine to protect us, we are advised to be more vigilant about hand washing and keeping our distance from others. As more of us are practicing social distancing and confining ourselves to our homes, our current way of life is putting us to the test. For this reason, if you find yourself getting house happy, here are some social distancing activities for home that you and your family may want to explore during your confinement.

Why Social Distancing Activities for Home Matter

To begin with, it’s important to your mental health not to feel cooped up and focused on the Coronavirus. If you do, then you’ll only stress yourself out and compromise your immunity when you need it to remain as strong as possible. Start making a list of activities that you enjoy such as reading, writing, sewing, cooking, baking, researching topics online, chatting with friends online, sending emails, sketching, painting, watching your favorite movies or programs, crafting, walking, starting a home exercise program, playing more with your pets and children, scrapbooking, gardening, puzzles, and cleaning. You also may find this is the perfect time to experiment with some of my DIY recipes for health, beauty and cleaning.  Here is my recipe for homemade bleach. You can find lots of other DIY recipes just by searching under the Lifestyle category and scanning down the list for DIY.

Depending on the ages of your children, you might keep them occupied with scavenger hunts, online homework assignments, teaching them a new skill such as cooking, baking, reading, board and video games to helping you with small chores around the house while making the child feeling useful. Younger children love art projects. You can build creative items out of trash such as emptied toilet paper, cardboard, paper towel rolls, scraps of material, carpet scraps to make things like castles that they can later paint and furnish. Another idea that will save on trash and the environment while inspiring the artist within is using old, mismatched socks for sock artistry.

This can also be a good time to help older children learn useful life skills such as showing them how to hem a pair of pants, operate a sewing machine or repair a ripped item of clothing to balancing a checkbook or how to iron properly.

On the reverse note, your older children are more likely to be computer savvy than you. Social distancing activities for home that you could take advantage of are learning how to gain new computer technology skills if you’re having problems navigating them.

Though avoiding groups of our friends and others make us feel isolated, social distancing activities for home need not be painful because it gives us the chance to get closer to our family. In the rushed world of our usual work routines, we often fail to devote all the time we want to give our family. Home confinement can also be beneficial in bringing our families closer together to talk, share problems, thoughts, and dreams to catch up on what we may have accidently missed.

The Coronavirus has put all of us on the edge. It has changed how we live and interact for the unforeseen future. Thus, it is up to each of us to do our part to stay safe and yet still be considerate of our neighbors. Something that can help is calling your neighbors and organizing turns to grocery shop or pick up prescriptions for the group. Each neighbor can make a weekly grocery and drug store run for the neighbors that join in your group. Not only is this thoughtful, but it is responsible for trying to limit the spread of this horrible virus.

Take care and remember social distancing is not a jail sentence. Please consider these activities to stay occupied because they can help. It is a necessity if we are going to try to help flatten the curve and level off this virus instead of watching more people become infected or die.


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  1. March 17, 2020 / 1:22 pm

    Thanks for the info these are surely new things to deal with but common sense and hobbies will get us through .

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