Spongelle Review: Solution to Germ-Infested Loofahs

Spongelle Buffers


I consider bathing as one of the pleasures of life for how it can magically restore a tired body, treat the skin and melt away tension after a grueling day. Whether it is a leisurely bath or a shower, it is an important part of my day for pampering my body and senses through my vast assortment of bath products. So what’s my point? I had never tried a bath product like these Spongelle buffers that are body wash infused sponges until I was approached for this review. If you’re curious, then let me fill you in on what I discovered.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Spongelle body wash infused sponges are unique sort of hard textured buffers, not as stiff as loofahs or germ-infested like they have the tendency to become. Instead, this Los Angeles-based company uses proprietary infusion technology that fills these 100% biodegradable sponges of soy and cotton with awesome custom-blended scents such as the French Lavender with glycerin, water, fragrance, yuzu extract, edelweiss extract, and vetiver root extract. The Spongelle body wash infused buffer is designed to provide about 14 washes. The other bewitching Spongelle scent I received for this review was their Coconut Verbena from among the line.

The Spongelle body cleansing-infused buffer that when wet delivers a fragrant foam for lavishing the body with creamy lather. However, it was a bit scratchy against the skin. I haven’t used it for any length of time but imagine it may get softer as I continue to break it in.

My favorite aspect of this body care product is how much more sanitary these buffers are. In addition, I loved the fragrance of both of these Spongelle body cleaning-infused buffers. Also, appealing was the convenience of use just reaching for an already loaded bath sponge without the need to open body wash tubs or bottles that can be clumsy to hold or reach for. It also was nice that I could hang it to dry.

As wonderful as all that is, the Spongelle body cleaning-infused buffer also has sodium laureth sulfate, which is a questionable ingredient. You may want to do your research and draw your own conclusion.

Nonetheless, if you are shopping for body washes and sponges, the Spongelle body wash-infused buffers featured in this review are handy solutions for cleansing. Visit the company website to shop.


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  1. rochelle haynes
    March 21, 2020 / 1:06 am

    love to try them looking good

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