The Many Benefits of Seaweed Skin Care

Seaweed Skin Care Savvy_ What You Need to Know


Seaweed has a lot of beauty power behind being just a ragged cluster of clinging weeds. Due to its unique structure, it absorbs nutrients from the water in a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that have an amazing value for the skin for anti-aging to solving acne thanks to its antibacterial properties. Not only what seaweed can contribute to improving the skin, but the fact that it also has a close structure to our blood plasma that makes it extra potent for skin care. Therefore, let me more about the benefits of seaweed skin care for beauty and what it can do for you and your complexion.

Depending on your skin, there is a variety of seaweed that each has promising properties to address complexion issues. Those with oily skin would find sea spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) could optimally tamper the oil while better hydrating the skin and balancing pH. Its specific components aren’t as rich in their nutrients as other forms, but this dark brown species has a knack for sealing in moisture, soothing, softening and removing toxins.

Bladder wrack is the type you want for those with acne. This variety can do the trick due to its natural antiseptic properties for purging toxins and healing because of having high amounts of iodine, beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and B vitamins.

Anyone with suffers from excess redness such as rosacea would appreciate red algae (Chrondrus crispus). This particular seaweed has fatty acids to deal with inflammation and calm the redness since it also can brighten the skin.

Aging skin is another story. For this, Oarweed (Laminaria digitata) is a serious skin defender with its bounty of antioxidants for keeping skin youthful as well as its B3 for help lightening dark spots. This form of seaweed has polysaccharides that provide superb hydration and elasticity. Yet, there is more to love about Oarweed with how it stimulates hyaluronic acids to help improve collagen levels for firmer, toned skin.

If your skin gets easily irritated like mine at times, the variety of Giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) is worth trying. The reason this seaweed is so soothing is because it has a complex polysaccharide known as fucoidan, which is bioactive and can protect the skin from inflammation.

These five seaweeds discussed here are just a sampling of countless other seaweed varieties that the ocean has provided. Each one brings a vast array of specialized nutrients that has promising skin and health benefits.

If you haven’t tried seaweed as an ingredient in your skin care regime, I suggest that you give it a try. I highly recommend the benefits of seaweed skin care for beauty from my own personal experience for making a glorious difference for your complexion.


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