What to Stock at Home When Coronavirus Hits

what to stock when coronavirus hits
Are YOU ready for the coronavirus?


I do not like to anticipate gloom and doom, but the coronavirus (COVID-19) is coming. It is just a matter of time before it spreads to wherever you may live. Being the case, it is essential to do everything in your power to keep you and your family safe and properly prepared. For this reason, I have some helpful suggestions on what to stock at home when coronavirus hits.

The first thought concerns refilling your prescriptions. Having your medications on hand is always a good idea. The only problem is that some insurance plans will not allow you to refill your prescription just because you request it. You may have a certain date when the insurance company will refill that prescription again–and not before that date. Refill your prescriptions if you can to stay healthy. While at your pharmacy, you may also want to buy some extra pain relievers, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, and soap for instance.

The less that you are around large crowds of people, the lower your chance of exposure to germs and viruses. However, not all people can work from home. If you must go to your workplace and travel by public transportation, you might try to get a window seat. This is a better spot to sit because you’re less likely for someone that is possibly infected to cough or sneeze on you as they walk up the aisle.

Another good idea to lower your risk of encountering the coronavirus is making less shopping trips. You may want to change your food shopping habits if you jump into the car to pick up one or two items a day while the coronavirus is prevalent. Stocking up with a few weeks of groceries is helpful for not only avoiding possible exposure but a wise measure to take in case you start to experience symptoms. Having enough food while self-contained at home while you’re sick is important.

Grocery items that you may want to stock up on are ones such as different forms of pasta, spaghetti sauce, tuna, canned ham or spam meat, soups, crackers, peanut butter, beans, flour, salt, dry powdered milk, oil, baking powder, sugar, frozen rolls of ground turkey or ground beef, onions, garlic (natural antibiotic), whiskey, and yeast. In addition, you also should pick up extra detergent, dish liquid, wipes, toilet paper, diapers, etc.

When you have some form of pasta in the house, you can make a variety of different spaghetti to casseroles with the tuna, beans, etc. Flour is also essential even if you typically don’t bake yeast breads. If you’re homebound and can’t run to the store for a loaf of bread, you can easily whip up something like a drop biscuit to make a small sandwich if you hate to bake raised yeast bread. You also make homemade waffles, which also make a delicious sandwich when used in place of bread. Beans are so neglected in this country, which is a shame considering how much healthier they are to eat. They are filling, full of fiber, lower in calories and honestly very good when you have a great recipe such as my black bean patties. Tasting them is falling in love with them.

Thinking ahead during the early progression of the coronavirus is something to take seriously. Therefore, I hope you give what I suggested in this post some thought on what to stock at home when  coronavirus hits because it can possibly keep you and your family safer from symptoms for it.


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