Energizing Tips to Get Your Zest for Life Back


ShowerEnergizing Tips to Get Your Zest for Life Back


We all have times when we practically drag ourselves through our day due to a lack of energy. Whether we blame this extreme tiredness on missed sleep, overexerting ourselves physically or mentally to stress, it is not the best feeling in the world. Stay with me because I am going to show you a few energizing tips that can invigorate your tired body with an instant reboot so you can get your zest for life back again.

I know what you’re thinking that nothing is instant. In most cases I would agree, but water especially when alternating the temperatures such as in your shower does have an amazing effect for restoring energy. Therefore, the first way to invigorate your tired body starts in your shower. Wash as normal but before you nearly finish change from the normal warmer temperature to a blast of cooler water a few times. Switching from the warm water to the cooler water has a definite physical effect. After all, warm water dilates the blood vessels while cool water constricts them for greatly improved circulation as the result.

For those especially exhausting days, I also suggest bringing your body brush with you when you decide to shower. Dry brushing helps stimulate circulation and lymph drainage to invigorate your tired body with an instant reboot of energy that will amaze you. It also has another benefit to help that dimpled skin with a cellulite problem as you move those trapped toxins, fats and waste with your brush.

Another of these energizing tips to get your zest for life back is just changing body position about every hour. The trick is simple and works this way. If you are sitting, just remember to get up and shake your legs by walking around the room or outside to get the blood flowing from staying stagnant in your veins.

It’s common knowledge that prolonged sitting is bad for our health with increasing blood sugar, cholesterol levels, weight gain and a greater threat of heart disease. However, there has been interesting research that points to giving up two hours of sitting by replacing it with standing can lower blood sugar and cholesterol to keep us healthier. For those of us glued to the computer for our jobs, this may sound impossible to accomplish. Yet, what you can do to fit standing in is something as simple as taking public transportation and waiting for your bus, standing while you’re on the phone, walking further from where you normally park when you shop, etc. Calculate the time that you stand through your day through activities and you may be surprised of how easy it is to fit those two hours of standing in.

Massage is always a fantastic way to loosen up tense muscles and stimulating pressure points of muscles that may be in a spasm as a fast way to energize. The next best thing to a massage is doing it through your feet with some simple foot exercises or a golf ball. What you do is put your bare feet over the golf ball and keep it moving against your sole all around, up and down and back and forth. The movement puts gentle pressure in key pressure points that can help revitalize that tired feeling with energy.

Sometimes, we fail to take into account our posture. The problem about poor posture and not sitting with our spines upright instead of slouched can also be what tires us out. The reason for this fatigue is a bad body position causes the muscles to constrict and tense up. Being more mindful of posture is also how to invigorate your tired body with an instant reboot.

Try these energizing tips to get your zest for life back do work and will help you feel better.  I hope that you try them!


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