Fuego Review: April 2020 Box


Fuego Box April 2020


Some people may shudder at the thought of hot sauce. I am not one of those people. On the contrary, I adore the stuff especially when it not the common variety you can buy locally but artisan hot sauce from my favorite hot pepper sauce supplier. As you can imagine, I was delighted when I went to retrieve my mail and found my Fuego Box April 2020 waiting for me to pick it up and start tasting for my latest review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Several readers wrote to me and asked what do I do with all these hot sauces. Well, I truly do use these not just for perking up dishes with extra savory heat, but also in cooking to alter recipes to using in home remedies for cough or sore throats since they have antimicrobial properties. You might be shocked at what these unique hot sauces can contribute through their specialized seasonings, peppers, etc. to really boost flavor.

Another reason that I take my hot sauce seriously is because it helps speed up the body’s metabolism to burn calories more efficiently. This might not mean much to you, but I welcome all the fat burning help that I can even if it is minimal. In fact, I currently have the bottom side section of the refrigerator door devoted to basically two rows of hot sauces with the exception of a catsup bottle and pancake syrup because I use it pretty much daily.

Now that you know my extreme fondness for hot pepper sauces, let me start this review with the full scoop on my new trio of hot sauce in the Fuego Box April 2020. This month was perfect for mild to medium heat lovers because this assortment concentrated more on flavor instead of blazing heat that can sometimes overpower the flavor.

The first one is a green jalapeno sauce called Pisqueya from Organic Food Incubator. This one has more of a subtle medium heat and plenty of spicy flavor that can compliment a variety of dishes like scrambled eggs that I had the other day.

From the Dirty Bird Company, I discovered a dark brown-orange sauce named Swett Sauce. This is another winning jalapeno sauce with honey, spices and soy to give it that delicious edge that won’t leave you running for milk to douse the fire. It is a milder heat that always is quite versatile. It made a great marinade for my chicken yesterday. Next time, I plan on putting it in my pinto bean burgers and lentil-mashed potato burgers.  For my black bean patties, I love adding Spicy Ponzu Sauce, which has soy sauce to the mix from Volcanic Peppers Company.

To finish out this review of Fuego Box April 2020 was Peach Maple Bourbon Hot Sauce from Fat Cat Company. This one was another fantastic medium heat sauce that really knew the right way to balance flavor to heat. It has Serrano peppers tamed with some juicy sweetness from peaches, maple, bourbon, garlic, and brown sugar among its spices that makes it sensational if you ask me. My first time tasting it was on fried fish, but this again is quite versatile.

Fuego Box April 2020 was a very good month indeed! The price to subscribe to Fuego is $29.95 per box with no extra charge for shipping within the United States for three hot sauces. If you haven’t tried this hot sauce subscription yet, I say to visit their website and try it. You have nothing much to lose, but so much flavor to gain!


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