How Else to Use Hair Conditioner

Unusual Uses for Hair Conditioner

A hair conditioner is a beauty staple that most of us probably couldn’t live without. We count on it to keep our hair from tangling and making it more manageable to moisturizing and contributing shine. However, you might be shocked at some of the unusual ways to use a hair conditioner that can save your day.

Have you ever run out of makeup remover just when you thought you still had some on hand? If so, apply some hair conditioner and gently massage over your face before tissuing off will dislodge makeup for most non-waterproof formulas.

You can also use this product to lubricate your cuticles and nails when out of cuticle oil to keep healthy.

Running out of shaving gel when shaving your legs can be more irritating to the skin, but a quick save is substituting a hair conditioner. Smoothing some hair conditioner can give the legs a slick base for your razor to glide easily to avoid needless nicking while moisturizing the skin at the same time.

Static cling in the winter is so annoying. Your hair can stand on end like you were just electrocuted while your dress or blouse can attach to you like a second skin to the point of embarrassment. A fantastic alternate use is applying a small amount in the palm of your hand to gently tap your hair in place. For your outfit, you can lubricate your hands with some hair conditioner to pat over your slip, camisole and pantyhose, which never failed yet. You can also use hand lotion to save you from static cling.

Another unexpected way to use it is while doing routine cleaning when you run out of hand lotion. What I do is apply some before putting on rubber gloves as a moisturizing treatment before cleaning. You may be pleasantly surprised that by the time you finish your chores at how much softer the hands and nails will be.

Don’t you hate when your shower curtain is harder to pull than it should be? Another of these alternate uses of a hair conditioner is spreading some on the rod, which ends that struggle with the curtain catching and dragging every time you tug it to close.

Getting a ring stuck on your finger can be frustrating as well as painful. You can try lubricating the skin with things like butter, but rubbing some hair conditioner in the area works so much better. You’ll appreciate the fragrance without that excess greasy feel that butter or margarine has as it melts against the skin.

Believe it or not, another of these unusual uses of a hair conditioner is what it can do for leather. You can apply some to a clean cloth to quickly clean and moisturize leather shoes to bags. Use a second soft cloth to buff for a beautiful shine.

The adhesive on bandages can cause pain when you want to remove it. The good news is that just rubbing a little hair conditioner around bandage edges can solve that problem. Your young children will especially appreciate this.

Door hinges that squeak can rattle the nerves, but use a hair conditioner to lubricate on those metal hinges and the quiet you crave can return.

You may also want to use a hair conditioner to clean smudges and fingerprints off of stainless steel. Get a clean soft cloth to apply some and then follow up with another soft cloth to buff where you worked.

You may have heard another use of a hair conditioner is for your dusty houseplants to give the leaves their shine back. This is not a good idea because the oil in this product can block the pores to hurt your plants.

Zippers that are hard to pull up are a needless aggravation. Usually, I just run a candle over the teeth of the zipper to solve the problem. However, you can also use some hair conditioner to rub against the teeth, which helps the problem as well.

Common hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers can get rusty in time. Yet, if you first use some hair conditioner to rub over them this gives them a protective film that seems to help guard against rust.

You can use this product when your drain becomes a bit sluggish.  As hard as it is to imagine, it helps to lube inside the pipes.  You’ll want to run some hot water down the drain afterwards, but it really does speed up how the water runs down.

These are just some alternate uses of a hair conditioner that can help you out in a pinch. If you have anymore to add, please do share.


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