How to Stop Hair Shedding With This Shampoo Strategy

Woman Washing Hair for How to Prevent Hair Shedding
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Losing hair can send us into an instant panic.  However, it is perfectly normal to lose about 50 to 100 strands a day. But if you’re finding significantly more hairs than that estimate, you’re probably experiencing hair shedding. Despite that grim news, I want help you stop hair shedding and strengthen those weak strands to keep more of them on your head by adopting this shampoo strategy.

If you can skip a day shampooing, you will be doing your head a favor. The reason it can help hair shedding is because water overly swells the strands to weaken the cuticles. At the same time, it can strip natural oils, over exfoliate the scalp and disrupt the scalp’s microbiome (thousands of helpful bacteria reside there). Unless your head is extremely greasy or loaded with hair styling products, a dry shampoo every other day is a safer bet.

When you do shampoo, you might want to try a pre-shampoo product before actual shampoo. This is like a hair primer that seals the hair’s cuticles before water has a chance to hit it. As a result, the hair is smoother and ready to take on the abuses shedding hair experiences while working the hands and lathering with shampoo.

Another shampoo strategy to stop hair shedding is checking the type of shampoo formula that you are using. Though you may be careful about avoiding sulfates, parabens, phtalates, etc. on the ingredient list with the belief this is enough for a gentle shampoo, but in this case you want to go a step further. Look for a shampoo that specifies it is a damage repairing formula with proteins among its ingredients.

For example, some typical proteins in those damage repairing shampoos could be ingredients such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed silk protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, and hydrolyzed keratin for as gently cleansing the hair as possible.  This can be extremely helpful to prevent more hairs from falling out.

One other shampoo strategy to stop hair shedding that is helpful is turning to a cleansing conditioner over the shampoo. The reason this type of switch could help strengthen the hair is because the formula has fewer detergents than typical shampoo for even more mildness.

Hair shedding can be caused by a variety of reasons from excess stress, recovering from an illness, considerable weight loss to stopping birth control pills. On the other hand, hair loss can come from the genes you inherit, medications you take, problems with your immune system to hair styling or abusive hair products. The difference between hair shedding and hair loss is hair shedding can often clear up without any explanation whereas hair loss the hair refuses to grow.

Therefore, don’t worry too much because your problem could just disappear before you know it with a little help from this shampoo strategy to stop hair shedding.  You also may find it to your benefit to read my earlier post with additional tips to prevent hair breakage.


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