Mother’s Day Pampering You Will Love With 7 Easy DIY Beauty Tricks for Self-Care

Self-Care Mother's Day Pampering Beauty Tricks Pampering Face Mask
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Arina Krasnikova

If there was ever a time that we could use some extra pampering it is right now after living through this pandemic. In order to ease some of this unneeded tension and help you feel good as well as beautiful again, here are seven simple self-care Mother’s Day pampering tricks that can help you with that goal.

The first way to feel renewed is through your complexion. A perfect place to start is with a facial to deep clean, exfoliate, brighten, and moisturize or balance your skin. Your pantry and refrigerator may hold all you need to with the right fruit enzymes and acids from foods like grapes, citrus to milk to gentle grains like rolled oats and nourishing oils such as coconut and olive oils to put your complexion on track.

Another of these self-care Mother’s Day pampering tricks that can lift your spirits is working on your hair with a DIY deep-conditioning treatment to revive dryness, manageability and return gloss. Check your refrigerator and pantry for ingredients like eggs, avocado, mayo, coconut oil, olive oil to name just a few. Your hair will thank you later.

Speaking of hair, if you want to feel better about yourself that you also may want to refresh the color if you use hair coloring or just to give your hair a new look. Color that starts to fade can become brassy or leave you two-toned that can put a damper on your spirits. You can do this at home with a permanent, semipermanent or temporary hair coloring products.

Indulging in a long bath for a soothing soak with healing ingredients through aromatherapy to benefit the mind and body can work wonders for some much needed pampering. You don’t need all that much except for raiding your pantry for ingredients or adding an essential oil. Reinforce that glorious feeling with more self-care pampering treating your body and senses to an aromatic lotion or oil and a final misting of a natural fragrance.  You might even want to try my DIY aromatherapy foot soak or browse through my DIY section for more home pampering beauty recipes.

Something else capable of providing a magical effect for making us to feel better is adding a happy pop of color to our lips and cheeks or doing your full makeup even if only your immediate family sees. I don’t know about you, but when I know that I look my best then it gives you more confidence and perks up your step.

Though we are supposed to drink our six to eight glasses of water to help keep us hydrated, clear out the toxins and curb our hunger, plain water can become boring. As a result, we only don’t drink our fill unless you turn to another of these self-care pampering tricks of flavoring the flavor. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon, cucumber or a fresh sprig of mint to a pitcher of water.

An ultimate way of self-care pampering is through a massage to relieve tense muscles is another of these tricks. The second best way that you can benefit is by massaging your ears. The gentle pressure that you place on the pressure points in that area can help trigger the brain to release endorphins for added happiness to brighten your mood.  You can rub the outer section of the ear and then back and forth as you move along the ear to stimulate the nerves and blood flow. Another method is using circular motions using your fingers to work along the lobe. Still you can also try pinching, pressing the skin or just stroking the ear to find your sweet spot.

This may not be the Mother’s Day that you had envisioned with what is currently going on in the world with the coronavirus, but these self-care pampering tricks can help make you feel good now.


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