Fuego Box May 2020 Review

Fuego Box May 2020


If you think that all hot sauce is basically the same and just about turning up the heat, I can assure you that you couldn’t be more mistaken. Subscribing to a hot sauce box like Fuego Box May 2020 is a terrific taste journey of varying degrees of heat heightened by spices that are as unique as fingerprints from my experiences that I shared with you for each review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Even if you are not particularly fond of hot sauce or hot peppers, there are health advantages from helping with weight loss to how the capsaicin works with its antimicrobial properties for what else they may do to protect against some human pathogens. Add to that equation, how wonderful it is to cook with because each artisan hot sauce is like a speciality spice for seasoning and you can’t go wrong.

Let me illustrate to prove my point with the first hot pepper sauce in my Fuego Box May 2020 assortment from Avila Gorilla with its Honey Chipotle Hot Sauce. This one packs fiery and zesty heat pitted against sweet honey and a range of pepper heat from a mild jalapeno, habanero, chipotle ghost peppers to yellow bell peppers. It is a great balanced sauce where the heat and spices merge to play a beautiful number in your mouth. I plan on adding some of this later to my chicken marinade.  It was yummy in my Mediterranean Tuna-Bean Salad when I used it in place of black pepper last night.

Whitehouse State Sauce Company’s Habanero Hot Sauce is not for timid tongues. This one is very hot. After sampling this sauce for the first time on scrambled eggs, I now prefer pouring some on my plate to dip because this one is intense. I also used it in my recipe instead of cayenne powder, which worked out nicely.

The last bottle that I found in Fuego Box May 2020 was The Hickory Kitchen Hot Sauce. This hot pepper sauce is a mild to medium heat that is a wonderful all-purpose hot sauce. I also tried this full-flavored sauce on scrambled eggs and loved it. The next time I made bean sandwich spread, I am going to add some for a pleasant kick.

Take it from me, I really love the Fuego Box  May 2020 and this hot sauce subscription for all those reasons that I mentioned in this review. The cost to subscribe to Fuego is $29.95 per box with no extra charge for shipping within the United States for three hot sauces. Check their website out because once you try I’m quite sure that you’ll love them too.


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