How Life Will Change After COVID-19 Long Term

How Life Will Change After COVID-19 Mask


Change is the one constant in our lives. People feel that once this pandemic is over everything will just go right back to what it was. Hopefully that will happen for the most part. But adapting our lifestyle out of necessity also forced us to try new things with some of them we may want to keep doing. The truth is COVID-19 left its mark. Because of it, our life will change in America for the long term in more ways than we ever thought possible.

I voted by mail in my state in the primary. I have never done that before but after doing it by mail we were all thinking so why weren’t we doing this for years. This is especially true if you are coming home from work and have to vote. Now we don’t have to drag our tired body to the polling place because dropping your ballot into the mail means that it is done! Besides, it was very clear and they even gave us stamped envelopes.

Many people found their employers wanting them to work from home. For some companies this practice was temporary, but for others working from home may be a permanent way life will change as well for the future.

Another way our life will change after COVID-19 may concern hand shaking. I firmly believe this practice will stop since experiencing our first pandemic with how easily it is to pass on a virus.  The coronavirus made us become more aware of an outdated habit that could endanger us.

Looking online people are baking like crazy. I always baked and really enjoyed making my own breads, cakes, pies, and cookies so this was not new to me. After this pandemic hit going on a food run I saw all these vacant shelves. The toilet paper was one thing that goes short when we get a threat of a snowstorm. But flour disappearing in grocery stores is a first in my lifetime? That particular staple never is short and it was gone!

I understand once you are back to work you won’t have the time to bake as much. Others might stop just because they had unsatisfactory bread making results.Yet, I bet some people might continue now that they tried it. For me, once you start making homemade buns and bread you won’t want to go back to the spongy store bread. Store bread just doesn’t fill you up and homemade bread does!

If you love whole grains in your breads to this fantastic breakfast bread, you might want to try my oatmeal brown bread and raisin bread recipes. You also save so much money, especially for cakes, pies, cookies that are rather high compared to the cost of the ingredients. Of course, more people will want to keep on making baked goodies. Maybe a little less but you’ll be making them.

Still, there are some darker things too for how our life will change after living through COVID-19. You may not want to go out as much since you’ll be in that habit and the built in fears will be there. We are more aware now of how disgusting the world can be at times. We notice more when people don’t wash their hands in the restroom. So you’ll have to gradually guard yourself from not becoming a hermit working from home all the time . . . even if you already worked from home. You need to go out to smell the freedom of life and enjoy the world . . . just not right now.

There are plenty of good news stories I have heard about coronavirus vaccines and this will be over hopefully sooner than later. We will have to be vigilant and mindful of threats and symptoms. Although this may be true, we have to stay positive and upbeat. Maybe watch news a bit less and stream more.

We might find new ways to entertain ourselves! We may find different tastes in movies and music. The one thing we can be certain of changes will happen. We should embrace the changes that are positive since that’s life. We live, we learn through experiences, and we change…hopefully for the better to appreciate life that much more.



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