Once Upon a Book Club Review April 2020

Once Upon a Book Club April 2020

Anyone that loves to read would adore subscribing to the Once Upon a Book Club because it is unique in what it provides to enhance a reading experience from what I observed for this review. Instead of just getting a great book each monthly box also comes with three to five fun extras that are wrapped and numbered to specific pages as you read and are meant to be opened once you reach those singled out pages. Reading and just waiting until you reached those certain pages added to the excitement and thrill of the reading experience.

Once Upon a Book Club has an option to please everyone from an adult box like I selected this time and a young adult box. The cost is $34.99 per month plus $10 shipping in the United States. In fact, they ship worldwide but with higher shipping.

 gift from page 97


What I liked was the fact that you get your hands on a recently published great novel in hardback such as The Herd by Andrea Bartz. I find a physical copy is so much easier to read and later store in your home library than online reading. I don’t know about your eyes, but mine get tired after working all day on the computer and staring at the screen. Relaxing with a book that I can hold in my hands is more enjoyable to me than any e-book.

Once Upon a Book Club Gift From Page 120

If you appreciate a thrilling suspense novel, The Herd is right up your alley. The story is about a New York elite women’s group for mentoring and empowering its members. However, there are secrets these professional women are hiding and will do anything to protect. So when the cofounder mysteriously vanishes, it is up to her best friends to find out what happened despite the danger they may also be putting themselves into. It is a cat and mouse game where you need to move carefully or risk being attacked by an unsuspecting enemy lurking and waiting in your midst. I don’t want to ruin the plot from revealing too much, but it was a good read that held my interest.

Once Upon a Book Club Gift From Page 215

Anticipating what might be inside each sealed box, bag or envelope as I kept flipping pages was an intriguing way to supplement the read. Despite my curiosity, I refrained until finally reaching the first one on page 97 corresponding to the numbers from the clue from the post-it note.  I finally was prompted on page 120 that it was time to open that box. Inside were a Girl Power makeup bag and a makeup brush set just like the dead main character, Eleanor, had displayed in her bathroom that Katie searched. Page 215 was a reminder of the Frida Kahlo portrait in Eleanor’s bedroom that added to the unnerving atmosphere searching through the dead woman’s home. By the time I got to page 283, I discovered a craft organizer and the murder weapon.

Once Upon a Book Club Gift From Page 283

I got a charge out of the Once Upon a Book Club April 2020 box provided for this review. It definitely made the read more entertaining due to their unique concept of individually wrapped gift items to accompany each book. As a Once Upon a Book Club VIP, I can’t wait to explore another box and the pleasurable reading journey that new monthly box will provide.

Herd inside book cover

My advice is if you are as fond of reading as I am, then check out the Once Upon a Book Club and think of joining. You will love they have great picks and the fun surprises you can also expect from this book subscription box.


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