The Key to Instant Radiant Skin Without Makeup

The Key to Instant Skin Radiance Without Makeup


Beautiful and brighter skin that can go without makeup may seem less than achievable. However, the key to instant radiant skin without makeup may be easier than you ever thought with a few simple steps.

To unlock the power of your skin’s radiance, start with the type of cleanser that you use. The best way to show your complexion love, especially if you have dry, sensitive or normal skin is to use a gentle formula of a low-lather, oil-based cleanser. In doing so, you won’t subject your skin to excessively harsh detergents that can strip it of oil while returning just enough to keep the complexion soft and supple.

On the other hand, those with oily skin in particular may prefer micellar water. Though this variety of mild cleanser is actually water-based, it acts like an oil-based one due to its very small micelles of oil dispersed through water that can work in the same way as the oil-based cleaner. This type of cleanser almost acts like a skin magnet to draw the impurities, dirt and makeup out from within the pores. As it does, it also can moisturize the skin. The only problem with just relying on micellar water is this cleanser does not burrow as deeply into the pores as an oil-based cleanser for the most thorough clean and total makeup removal, especially of waterproof eye makeup.

The second key to reinvigorate skin without the help of makeup is through regular exfoliation that can brighten its appearance. After all, it is the best way to resurface and move dead skin cells along with trapped grime so that the skin can purify itself and send fresh skin cells to the surface. Another advantage of exfoliation is that once you clear away the old skin cells, the skin care products can penetrate deeper with clearer access from dead skin cells that may be blocking its radiance. Equally important is that you don’t want to overdo a good thing to protect exfoliated skin that needs time to rebuild itself. Therefore, keep your exfoliation to no more than twice a week to safeguard your complexion from self-inflicted injury that can leave a scar and excess redness.

The third key to instant glowing skin without makeup is learning how to properly layer your skin care products in the right order to maximize benefits. An easy rule of thumb is applying the thinnest formulas first such as serums before moving onto creams and gels. Oils always are last because they have the ability to sink into those layers of those thinner formulas. At the same time, their consistency forms a barrier on the skin that can’t be breeched like serums, creams and gels. This is why you don’t want to use oils before your moisturizer, serum or night cream since it can clog your pores and cause skin problems.

The fourth key to invigorate your complexion is keeping your skin hydrated internally and externally. Drinking six or eight glasses of water can be difficult to fit into your schedule, especially if you prefer coffee, teas or soda, but it makes a huge difference helping your body remove toxins and impurities lingering in your system that can cause skin problems like dryness, oily skin to acne. Besides flushing out all the germs to bodily waste, water helps distribute all the nutrients that you consume so they may reach the skin and your complexion can thrive. You also might want to supplement your diet with some of the best foods for skin and possibly a few select vitamins.

Externally, you want to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Carrying a bottle of facial mist with botanical ingredients such as my favorite rose can return moisture and nutrients back to the skin that the environment, sweat or makeup may have stolen. Misting your complexion freshens up your skin and caking makeup just like morning dew on flowers as they wake to a new day.

The fifth key to instant radiant skin without makeup is turning to facial masks to maximize your beauty routine. There are plenty of excellent commercial products that can do the trick, but you can do the same thing at home with DIY beauty recipes for tightening pores, balancing skin and feeding it the nourishment it needs a lot of the time with common ingredients in your kitchen and pantry.  My DIY brightening anti-aging facial mask can accomplish some serious skin magic from my experiences using it.

Protecting your complexion with UVA/UVB sunscreen with at lest 50+ is the final key to radiant skin without makeup. Skipping an application or forgetting to reapply sunscreen when outdoors not only prematurely ages the skin, but can hyperpigmentation and darkened patches on the skin color, especially if you are taking birth control pills or are pregnant to medications such as tetracyclines, some blood thinners, etc.

Getting radiant skin is easier once you incorporate this simple beauty plan into your routine. It may take you a few minutes more each day, but the end result is a more flawless complexion that will truly astound you.


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