9 Bobby Pin Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Unique Ways to Use Bobby Pins That Are Handy with Bobby Pin Hacks
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Bobby pins are beauty staples for hair that have been around forever, but they also can do so much more than we give them credit for. If you’re curious what else they might be good for, then let me enlighten you with some unique ways to use them with these bobby pin hacks that just may surprise you.

You may depend completely on the clothes dryer and don’t use clothespins. However, you always don’t want to toss in delicate items like lingerie, skimpy bathing suits or halters to risk shrinking. A simple solution to solve the problem is using bobby pins to secure the item on the hanger like a makeshift clothespin.

It can often be hard to squeeze the last of your toothpaste out of the tube. You can cut it into pieces to get more out of it for brushing. Another unique use of bobby pins is attaching the pin at the bottom of the tube to force as much toothpaste as you can upward.

Crafting with bobby pins can result in many wonderful uses from the creative end to a tool for clean up to ironing out a lumpy glue application to helping wipe away excess glue. You can also use bobby pins for innovative jewelry to smoking hot hair clips with how you arrange them or what you attach such as rhinestones, pearls or fabric that can add to your sense of fun style.

Reading is another passion of mine. I can’t always say that I use a bookmark, but I do use a paperclip or even a bobby pin to save my place. The only problem with a paperclip or bobby pin is that if you’re slow to read and don’t get back to your book for a while, then the page will show an indentation where either were pinned. This doesn’t bother me, but if you’re a perfectionist in regard to your books, keep this in mind.

Art projects are another unique way to use bobby pins by adding to collages for an interesting effect to using as a tiny carving tool when working with clay.

If you’re making a face mask for this pandemic, you can also use a bobby pin as a makeshift needle to pull your elastic through for sewing.

Have you ever had the pull part of your zipper break off while you were still in that robe or sweater? A handy remedy for this is inserting a bobby pin through the eye of the slider where the piece broke off from the end of the zipper to pull it up and down again.

Another fascinating, unique way to use bobby pins is to substitute as a tiny screwdriver. It may lack the strength of the actual tool, but it often can fit to loosen or tighten a small screw that you’re having difficulty with.

These bobby pin hacks can come in handy to help solve unexpected little life problems we all encounter at one time or another.

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