Appalachian Mercantile Box Review June 2020

Appalachian Mercantile Box June 2020

There are so many talented artisans and small businesses that craft, produce food products and home goods throughout central Appalachia that you may not be aware of. However, thanks to the J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works and their Appalachian Mercantile you now have the perfect opportunity to discover them with a subscription to their Appalachian Mercantile Box like the one sent for this review for June 2020.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Before I tell you about the amazing assortment that I found exploring my first Appalachian Mercantile Box for this review, I’ll briefly fill you in on how this subscription box works. Each box typically has between six and seven extraordinary products that originated from the ingenuity of those people throughout the central Appalachia mountains. You can get the most unique foods, home and bath products to craft items in each box. In addition, you also get a card with details on the products and a recipe.

The price for a monthly Appalachian Mercantile Box subscription runs $45 a box with free shipping with a value between $60 to $70. This price can drop even lower with a longer commitment or if you prepay. Another option is subscribing to their seasonal box that is bursting with the flavors and ideas to go along with particular times of the year if you don’t want to get the box so often.

What I found in my first Appalachian Mercantile Box was really special and would be appreciated by anyone that loves experiencing new unique foods that are so delicious. I am not exaggerating because each item was a reflection of all the love and creativity for the quality that went into the manufacture of each. Therefore, sit back and I’ll tell you all about it.


Appalachian Mercantile Box June 2020


Appalachian Mercantile Box June 2020

    1. Simply Gee Unsalted Ghee (5.3 oz.) . . . $15.00
    2. AR’s Hot Southern Honey Spicy Honey Peanut Butter (8.5 oz.) . . . $12.00
    3. Crescent Simples Strawberry Basil Simple Syrup (8 oz.) . . . $12.00
    4. WV Veteran Honey Wildflower Honey (8 oz.) . . . $12.00
    5. Wooden Spoon Herbs Natural Bug Spray (2.7 oz.) . . . $15.00
    6. Durham Woodworking Native Wood Honey Dipper . . . $9.50

Total Approximate Value. . .$75.50!


Though I did see ghee products while shopping locally, I never tried this type of clarified butter. The Simply Gee came from Lancaster, PA from grass fed cows and is non GMO. This sweet cream butter can be used for cooking or just buttering over foods like baked potatoes or a slice of fresh homemade bread, etc. Even unsalted, it was really sensational also over my oatmeal pancakes that I made this morning.

AR’s (Ames Russell) Hot Southern Honey Spicy Honey Peanut Butter is truly a decadent treat using Shenandoah Valley wildflower honey, peanuts and just enough peppers to liven up that luscious flavor for more impact. I love peanut butter and anything hot as you know from my hot sauce addiction so I was in my element with this one savoring each bite on my sandwich.

The Crescent Simples Strawberry Basil Simple Syrup was crafted in Virginia to add to summer beverages, flavored waters, to alcoholic drinks, and teas. This is a sweetened fruit syrup with herbs and spices that elevates flavor with a new twist. My first time using this was in lemonade, which I highly recommend. Today, I plan on adding it to my lemon zinger herbal tea.

The Wildflower Honey came from northern West Virginia was spurred into being from the WV Veterans and Warriors program’s mission giving those returning warriors a new career. This is a pure raw honey with that slight cloudy appearance that comes from the hive to bottle. It has a great taste when I stirred a spoon in my tea. I like to use honey is cooking, baking and swallowing when you get a sore throat as a natural cure.

I also got a native wood honey dipper from Durham Woodworking. I have one, but it is always nice to have a spare.

The last item in my Appalachian Mercantile Box was the Natural Bug Spray from Wooden Spoon Herbs. This spray is a safer alternative with essentials oils to spreading toxic chemicals over your skin that could enter your blood stream. I didn’t get a chance to use this yet while gardening because it has been raining a lot here, but I will use it whenever this weather finally clears up.

Another wonderful thing about the Appalachian Mercantile Box is that it is a surprise of unique finds in each box. When you do find those particular new favorites, you also have a way to keep on enjoying them by visiting the Appalachian Mercantile website and ordering that individual product as well.

Judging from this review, the Appalachian Mercantile Box has a lot to offer for what special foods, home and body products that can add to your life. If you haven’t experienced this subscription box yet, then you are missing something really wonderful. Connect with Appalachian Mercantile on Twitter, Facebook or on Instagram  or their website .  Check them out!


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