Breo Box Summer 2020 Review Amps Up Lifestyle

Breo Box Amps Up Your Lifestyle Summer 2020

If you are into discovering great technology and the latest cool gadgets for fitness, home, and lifestyle that you may have heard about but didn’t get your hands on yet, then Breo Box is the seasonal subscription box that you got to try out. Why am I so drawn to this particular premium subscription box? Well, let us just say Breo Box scouts out the most unique things that will astound as well as improve your lifestyle once you dig into each new box like what summer 2020 contained. This is something that I can assure you once you read more from this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Breo Box typically sends out between five and eight incredible items. The cost for each box is $159 plus free USA shipping. This price drops with an annual commitment of $579 to just $144.75 per box. Better yet, I will be giving you a coupon code to save you even more either option. Shipping to Canada or other parts of the world is $35 higher.

The best way to explain why I am so personally smitten with Breo Box is just to show you what was waiting once I explored the summer 2020 box for this review. Inside I found seven of the most amazing and useful things that are so timely for what is going on with the world as well as the season to keep me healthy, comfortable and fit while enjoying summer.



Breo Box Summer 2020


  1. Keysmart Cleankey . . . $25.00
  2. Rhinomed Mute Nasal Dilator . . . $20.00
  3. Ace of Spades Mini LED Projector . . . $65.00
  4. Oniva Blanket Tote Outdoor Picnic Blanket . . . $21.00
  5. Myo Rykr Roll . . . $25.00
  6. The Hip Circle by Approach Apparel . . . $25.00
  7. VEHO TA-8 In-Car Cradle + Charger . . . $88.00


Total Approximate Value . . . $269.00!


With the threat of the coronavirus still hanging over our heads until a vaccine comes out, touching doorknobs, handles or keypads are risky without wearing gloves in these uncertain times. However, the Keysmart Cleankey is a brass hand tool that is designed with a special 260 antimicrobial alloy that can kill 99.9 % bacteria within two hours to prevent coming in contact with those types of public things. It is easy to clean and clips onto a keychain, which is convenient to grab from a pocket or handbag.

The Ace of Spades mini LED projector is surprising lightweight and wonderfully portable to use at home for watching movies or take with you using the adapter, which is included. It can project up to a 60-inch screen with 30,000 hours of LED lamp life. This little beauty also has built-in speaker, multiple ports, a micro SD slot, remote control and an outlet plug. You also get a set-up guide.

Summer is when you want to get ready for your next picnic or just to lounge outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. Having a cozy outdoor picnic blanket like the Oniva blanket tote is perfect for this purpose since it refolds neatly to fit back into its zippered tote. The topside of this blanket is a cuddly soft polyester fleece with a water-resistant underside to save any discomfort from sitting on a slightly damp blanket that morning dew or wet beach sand caused. This blanket measures 59″ x 51″, which is fairly big, but it shrinks down to 10″ x 4″ when you finishing packing it back up.

One of my favorite Breo Box Summer 2020 items is the Myo Rykr roll for a great massage. I am really enjoying this stainless steel roller ball with its ergonomic bamboo handle and base for working on pressure points and muscle spasms as that steel roller ball helps elongate tense muscles to restore blood supply and oxygen to affected tissues when in pain. I keep this roller now next to my bed on my nightstand because it helps especially when you get a nighttime cramp.

The Hip Circle by Approach Apparel is something else that is useful to me. This pandemic caused me a bit weight gain in the thighs that I need to drop. Since a high-resistance band will make the muscles work harder for a more intense workout, I am thrilled to put it to use if it can speed up results from too much baking. By the way, this band does stay put due to its interior rubber threads while exercising. The band is extra wide and provides level two resistance.

The Veho TA-8 in-car cradle and charger is universal and meant to cradle any smartphone in your car. It has Qi wireless charging to keep your phone supplied without a messy jumble of wires. At the same time, it has infrared sensors for one-hand mounting that automatically opens and closes when needed.

The Mute nasal dilator from Rhinomed is a small device that you fit inside your nose to help you breathe better. Since this also is designed to help stop snoring, my guy has been testing it out. If you ever used those nasal strips that go over the top of the nose to hold the nasal passages further open, this device is one that squeezes together and follows the natural angel inside the nose. It can be adjusted in three different sizes for your fit. So far, he has been quieter than that normal bear sound he often makes, which is a relief. I’ll fill you in later because he doesn’t snore every day, but when he does it is loud and annoying.

This premium lifestyle subscription was an excellent assortment of innovative items that I honestly didn’t know I needed as much as I did until experiencing them as I did through this review. Have you been curious about Breo Box as well? Check out the fall box with my earlier review.

Honestly, do yourself a favor and try this awesome seasonal subscription box. Use my coupon code BCK15 at checkout and get $15 off. You will love it, I promise!



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