Enjoying July Fourth More With Fireworks Safety

Enjoying July Fourth More With Fireworks Safety Sparkler

July Fourth is right around the corner and there are many challenges this year. You may typically go to one of the many yearly fireworks displays with your family, but this year due to the pandemic this event in your area may have been cancelled. With all that is going on right now and the need to wear masks, do you really want to gather around with a bunch of strangers in the dark just to watch the sky light up? Though I could live without fireworks, you may feel that it is not Fourth of July without them. Therefore, let me share these July Fourth fireworks safety tips to save you or a family member from ending up in the emergency room or worse.

In my state we never used to sell real fireworks to everyone. We would be able to buy sparklers and little things but never bigger ones compared to other states. On the other hand, some people actually drove to nearby states where they purchased those types of fireworks because they were legal there.

If you are going to set fireworks off, then concentrating on safety is a must. They should only be set off by adults with protective eye wear and ear protection. Do this at a safe distance from any structures or people and pointing them away from any too. Furthermore, you want to be sober before playing with fireworks and have a clear mind and steady hands.

You also want to prepare ahead of time with a plan for where you want to do this and preposition buckets of water. The water is useful in case of fire, but also for discarding all the spent fireworks. By the way, the used fireworks dropped in the water should remain for a few hours afterwards.

These fireworks safety tips are just common sense. For instance, you wouldn’t set off fireworks in your house? That isn’t going to end well! And lighting fireworks while holding them is a great way to blow off parts you would rather not!

If you find some fireworks that don’t work, then don’t try to relight them! This could end very badly for you.

Some people let their children light fireworks. Even those sparklers that I have seen kids running with are dangerous. They burn very hot. Some people will let older children set off fireworks. I think it is bad idea.

Remember, these things cause burns and many injuries and then just consider what happens to you financially if your missiles you shoot off land on the neighbor’s house. We had one hit our house one year. Fortunately, it was only a screen we had to replace when a bottle rocket hit and made a nice hole.

We fixed it easily enough and there was no need for neighborhood problems. But if the fireworks are illegal you may find your insurance company not paying up if disaster strikes! If they have a way to deny a claim they will. They are in business after all!

So just be careful if you find yourself setting off fireworks. Try to avoid it this year. Maybe settle in for a nice patriotic movie and some yummy snacks. And if you avoid the fireworks then you can maybe have a quieter July Fourth, but a safer one. Next year, hopefully this pandemic will be over and you can leave the need for fireworks safety to the pros!


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