How to Reuse Trash at Home and Save Money

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What if I told you that you may be able to save a few pennies while helping the planet? If the idea appeals to you, then let me show you some simple creative ways to reuse some of the trash at home that just may come in handy and as well as keep you more organized from what you will gain.

How many times have you thrown away the plastic liner bag inside a cereal box? However, what I like to do is use it when separating a package of chicken breasts or legs. I wrap each breast individually in wax paper first and then stick them in a cereal liner bag before depositing in my zip-lock freezer bag. This allows me to reuse the zip-lock bag again for meat once the chicken is needed and the wax paper and cereal liner bag are tossed.

Another great way to reuse trash at home like that cereal liner bag is to wrap sandwiches in like you would wax paper.

Used Styrofoam or paper coffee cups are just the perfect size to start seedlings in. The same thing goes for yogurt or cottage cheese containers for planting seeds indoors to get them going. When preparing to plant seeds, you may also find using plastic containers that may have held mushrooms, especially for groupings for things like basil, jalapeno pepper, lavender, etc. works out wonderfully for this purpose.

Something else that you may like to do is repurposing an old wash tub at home for a decorative planter for your flowers to reuse it. You can always use a car tire to surround a specific section of your garden for the plants to grow out of in an attractive fashion.

An old car tire can also be saved from the trash to reuse at home into a swing for the kids if you have a strong tree to hang it from with hefty rope.

I like to donate old clothes to charity but I do save some to turn into rags. I cut the rag sizes that I need based on different household tasks. Other rags, I cut into small squares to use as disposable wipes for quick cleaning jobs. In fact, I keep my supply in an empty plastic coffee can.

Old loofahs make a nice tool for scrubbing the tub. Something else that I like to use as a makeshift scrubber is saving those nylon mesh bags that oranges or onions are sold in. After I cut them, launder them, I fold, and stuff some soap slivers inside for cleaning the tub as well.

Old toothbrushes are excellent for cleaning mold in the bathroom that is between the grout. I pour come bleach in an emptied cottage cheese container or peanut butter jar and scrub those tiny crevices by dipping my treated brush.

Those old toothbrushes also come in handy for cleaning out the hair stuck in the drain of your sink. I save a separate one just for this disgusting purpose.

Before you discard emptied toilet paper rolls, you may want to keep a few for storing cords. This way you can prevent them from tangling and keep them more neatly organized for storage.

Those tin mint containers or ones that held cough drops are fantastic for using when traveling for keeping manicure items, first aid to holding the supplies of a mini sewing kit.

If you like to craft, trash like egg cartons are great to reuse at home for keeping beads, buttons, ribbons, rhinestones, and so forth together.

What I shared here with you are just a few ideas on how to recycle some of that trash at home that you were about to throw out. You also may want to read my earlier post on how to repurpose old odd socks. If you have any other ideas, please share because it is always wonderful to save money and help each other and the environment at the same time when we can.


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