Aroma Reveal Box Review: Deluxe July 2020 Box


Those seeking a bit of needed serenity and pampering of the body and mind would be drawn to the Aroma Reveal subscription such as the Deluxe July 2020 box sent for this review. This self-care box offers a blissful escape during these chaotic times we now find ourselves in with lifestyle, beauty, skin care, and personal well-being products to enhance our lives.

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If this monthly self-care box is new to you as it is to me, I will briefly fill you in on how this subscription works. The Aroma Reveal Deluxe Box such as one I am about to tell you of for this review will have seven or eight full size products and a serenity bonus item surprise valued at least $80, but is only priced at $38.99 per month plus $4.95 USA shipping. The price drops to $36.99 if you buy three months at a time.

As to what I discovered in my first Aroma Reveal box was, indeed, a fragrant assortment of quality self-care that brightened my day as I went through each item for this review. For instance, one of the products that I was most excited about was the Asutra Rose Quartz Facial Roller. After falling in love with my Myo Rykr roll from my last Breo Box, a steel roller ball for massaging sore muscles, I was thrilled with it for smoothing and helping skin care better absorb.

Something else I find really appealing is any form of goat soap for lavishing skin with. To my good fortune, I also found a 4-oz. bar of Aroma Reveal Essentials & Flowers Raw Goat’s Milk soap. It has such a lovely scent and also has organic and essential oils along with dried flowers to use on body or face. There was even a cute polished bamboo soap dish to keep this soap in along with a terry cloth soap pouch.

What we never have enough of is a fresh bath sponge, cleaning pad and a pumice stone 3-piece set for taking to our showers. In addition, there was a package (two-oz.) of Asutra Scrub the Day Away. This is an organic coconut salt scrub enriched with primrose oils for exfoliating the body and making it silky afterwards.

Next, I uncovered O! 2-in-1 Facial Cleaning Brush during this Aroma Reveal July 2020 box review. This brush has two sides, one being a pink silicone with tiny bristles for gently massaging skin and the opposite side with soft bristles for removing makeup and deeper cleaning.

Also, I got a great one-oz. spray bottle of Salve’s Waterless Hand Cleaner to pack in my handbag. This is a soap-free spray that you don’t rinse off. It has aloe and essential oils such as tea tree to disinfect hands naturally.

Their Salve Orange Blossom Lip, Nail and Cuticle Condition (1 oz.) pot was also included. I really loved the pampering and smoothness my dry lips and nails received from the sweet almond oil, beeswax, vitamin E, and neroli essential oil in this product without any of the potentially harmful ingredients such as phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oils, silicones, sulfates, etc.

In every Aroma Reveal Deluxe Box, customers also can expect a serenity surprise such as the Spa Gel Glove for moisturizing hands. What this product is a pair of washable and reusable gloves infused with olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and lavender essential oil that helps soften hands. However, it does have a California Proposition 65 warning on the back for a possible health risk chemical. I don’t know what this ingredient may be since all of them fail to be listed on the package. Do your research and judge for yourself

The Aroma Reveal box items I tested for this review were amazing and really ones that can spoil a bath lover seeking relaxation. The only one that may give you reason for concern is that extra free bonus gift of the SPA Gel Glove as I mentioned. Otherwise, I thought it was an awesome aroma-inspired subscription box.

If you, too, can benefit from some well-deserved pampering, an Aroma Reveal Box like this Deluxe July 2020 box shared with you for this review is a pleasant way to get your happy place. Check this self-care subscription out!


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