How to Instantly Relax When Stressed Out

how to instantly relax when stressed out--watching kittens play
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Stress can pounce on us like a ferocious animal. If we don’t manage our stress quickly enough, it can claw through our thoughts and rip us apart mercilessly. The only way not to become its victim is by learning how to instantly relax when stressed out. Here are some simple, but effective ways that can help destroy this destructive enemy to usher in that needed calm.

Playing with our puppy or kitten is always good when suffering. Stroking our furry friends and watching their funny antics trying to please us can offer great therapy to improve stress from grabbing a firm hold. Even if you don’t have your own dog or cat, go to YouTube and watch some of the cute animal videos. Before you know it, you will smile and laugh instead of keeping that stress inside.

Watching a watching movie that can make you really laugh can produce happy mind-boosting endorphins that can replace your stress. My favorite funny movie that can work magic to lift my spirits is Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, which I keep for banishing stress. I can see that same movie over and over again and break out laughing like it was the first time.

You might find this hard to believe, but eating something usual like a chili pepper can cause the brain to release dopamine. As strange as this may sound, the brain looks forward to fresh challenges such as your mouth sampling new tastes. Though you may have slight pain that will pass, the chemical released from that jolt to the nervous system can kickstart happiness from a flood of endorphins that follow.

Doing something nice for another person such as a stranger for example cannot only help another, but can also instantly cause you to calm down when stressed out. You don’t necessarily have to spend money on someone to show kindness. Something as simple as saying hello when passing, smiling or sharing something like a good book, something you baked or cooked, giving a compliment, etc. What I am saying is making another happy without expecting something in return is contagious. Despite what you think, you will feel that much happier.

Putting your body through its paces can help you better relax as well when stressed out. Whether you go for a walk, run or exercise to devote some time to vigorous cleaning, it is great therapy that I personally recommend.

Something you need to try to instantly relax is standing on your head for quick relief when feeling anxious and stressed out. As you do, this position forces blood rushing through your system to stimulate the brain’s pituitary gland to send out a surge of happiness hormones to allow you to relax. You’ll also love that healthy bloom to your cheeks from stressed skin to glowing skin. The reason for this beauty benefit is because of all fresh oxygen and blood now circulating through your body.

Spending some time alone to meditate can work wonders to block out stress. Learning how to breathe and focus your attention away from all invading problems causing that tension and anxiety can help normalize blood pressure, a heart rate and reduce the high levels of the harmful hormone, cortisol, that was caused by your stress.

In short, stress is dangerous when left to fester. Be that as it may, there are ways to instantly beat tension when stressed out that can keep it from taking roots like an infection that can spread. What I shared here are just a few simple tricks that can come in handy the next time that you are under stress.


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  1. tat2gurlzrock
    July 31, 2020 / 3:03 pm

    These are great tips. I never knew about the chili pepper trick.

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