Merkaela Deluxe Box Review Summer 2020–Alignment

Markaela Deluxe Box Review Summer 2020--Alignment

Integrating holistic self-care using handmade botanicals to renew not only the body, but the mind and senses best describes what you can expect from a Merkaela subscription. Each seasonal box of bath, beauty, therapeutical remedies, and enlightening meditation revolves around a theme such as the Merkaela Deluxe Box Summer 2020 with Alignment to self-calibrate with fresh energy and focus for this review.

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If you haven’t discovered the Merkaela organic self-care box yet, then I’ll briefly fill you in on my favorite way to experience inner bliss. There are four options from the Deluxe Box like I received for this review that has six to nine products for $72 quarterly or $272 annually. The Essential Quarterly Box has three to five items for $39 quarterly or $144 annually. Also available is the Soap Subscription with three handmade soaps with organic oils, botanicals, and essential oils that is amazing for $18 quarterly or $64 annually. In addition, they have a Shea Body Butter subscription where you’ll get one 4-ounce jar for $25 quarterly or $90 annually. Shipping is additional.

Now that I gave you the basics how Merkaela works, you are probably wondering to what sensational organic wellness products could have found its way into the Merkaela Deluxe Box Summer 2020 Alignment collection. Therefore, let me tell you what arrived.


Merkaela Deluxe Box Summer 2020–Alignment

  1. Patchouli Meditation Elixir . . . $18.50
  2. Chamomile Body Butter . . . $30.00
  3. Stardust Clay Mask . . . $18.00
  4. Rose Herbal Tea . . . $8.50
  5. Luminous Exfoliator . . . $14.00
  6. Patchouli Rose Soap Bar . . . $9.50
  7. Palo Santo . . . $5.00
  8. Affirmation
  9. Meditation
  10. Playlist

Total Approximate Value of this Wellness Box : $103.50!


The Patchouli Mediation Elixir is a room spray to help with mediation with a patchouli essential oil blend, purified water, rosemary extract, Himalayan salt, alcohol, and moon energy. It has a sweet musky scent that is meant for creativity and focusing on what you want from life.

Next, I found the Chamomile Body Butter (4-ounces), which is so perfect for summer skin that may have experienced too much sun. Camomile skin care always helps whenever my skin was irritated and suffering while nourishing it at the same time. I love seeing chamomile as an ingredient in skin care because it is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and even helps with wound healing. This rich body butter has a herbal-floral scent that is lovely while soothing skin with organic shea butter, hemp oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, babassu oil, lavender & rosemary extract, calendula extract, St. John’s wort extract, licorice extract, and organic chamomile essential oil blend.

The Stardust Clay Mask was something I immediately took a liking to after sampling it. Most of the year, my skin is dry. Summer, however, it becomes more combination. This is dry in the jar with two different clays: bentonite clay and organic rose kaolin clay along shatavari, turmeric and sandalwood that you need to add some water to for making a paste for your face. The scent alone is so relaxing when waiting the 20 minutes with the mask for my skin to benefit before rinsing. My skin felt more balanced, toned and possessed a wonderful glow.

Rose Herbal Tea is one that I didn’t try yet, but it smells delicious with its blend of chamomile, rose petals, orange peel, oat straw, lemon balm, lavender, and stevia. I sort of lost my tea ball so until I find it, I will wait to enjoy this one, which is intended to support healthy bones, hair, nails, and alleviate stress.

Also, included in the Merkaela Deluxe Summer 2020 box was the Luminous Exfoliator. It helps clarify, balance the complexion and tone the skin while boosting blood circulation and stimulating fresh skin cells to emerge. The formula includes organic Mediterranean sea salt (removing dead skin), geranium essential oil for help disinfecting, calming inflammation and healing, rice oil for softening, protecting from free radical damage, and brightening pigmentation as it tones. Finally, it has vitamin E, an antioxidant that also defends the skin against sun damage, helps with anti-aging as it moisturizes and heals while strengthening the surface of the skin. I didn’t need to use much of this exfoliator that also has such wonderful aromatherapeutic qualities with a floral-herbal scent as it brought my complexion to new life.

If you never tried Merkaela’s handmade soaps then you are in for a real treat with their Patchouli Rose Soap Bar in the Merkaela Deluxe Summer 2020 box for Alignment. Indulging your senses with more of their talented way with aromatherapy is what this company does so well.  This soap is just another example with its precious plant oils and essential oils with this bar’s star ingredient, the patchouli, shining brightly as you lose yourself to its floral-herb sweetness.

The Palo Santo is three fragrant wooden sticks that you burn to cleanse the air and usher in sweet calmness after a stressful day with their soothing sweetness. These are fantastic to get your mind to prepare for when you plan to meditate.

How can I forget you also get the affirmation for the Alignment theme for the Merkaela Deluxe Box Summer 2020 included in this box of review products to guide you along toward changing your experiences for the better? In addition, you get access to meditation by Alex Edge and a coordinated playlist of music to help bring mind, body and spirt together in peaceful alignment.

Merkaela Deluxe Summer 2020 box sent for this review was yet another total winner for me. The specialized self-care and eco-friendly ingredients not only pamper the body and senses, but also provides a journey of enlightening self-discovery as it opens the mind through its tools and methods of meditation. I highly recommend the value of experiencing this type of holistic self-care, especially now as we  are living through stressful time of the Coronavirus.

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Yes, I am a Merkaela affiliate, but I do really believe in the wonders and how they make you feel to better your life in each box. I can tell you all this, but try this wellness subscription and once that you do then you will understand why I love it so. Use my coupon code, BLOOM, at checkout and get a 10% discount off your order when you go through my link. Trust me, but I am sure that you will thank me later.


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