Scent Organix Perfume Review: I Am Radiant

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Tantalizing white notes of fresh floral is what you can expect from Scent Organix, I Am Radiant Eau de Toilette that I want to share with you for this perfume review. If you’re searching for a lovely feminine fragrance that makes you feel as if you were walking in a never-ending field of flowers that goes on for miles on a sunny day, this Scent Organix perfume, I Am Radiant is simply a joy to lose yourself to.

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Imagine if you could bottle sunshine along with the sweet essence of precious white flowers as they bloom to their full glory is how I would describe this eau de toilette. This Scent Organix perfume is an enchanting fragrance with a happy attitude that you can’t help be drawn to with its top notes of lily-of-the valley and jasmine. I Am Radiant Eau de Toilette is sweet, not syrupy sweet like a gourmand fragrance, but one that is alive with the fresh sweetness of inhaling white flowers that make it to stand out to be so appealing.

The heart of this Scent Organix perfume continues the floral legacy and contributes hyacinth petals to the mix. This fuels its captivating romantic side further that only makes heads turn noticing its sheer beauty.

As it dries down in the base, those white floral notes merge with warm golden notes of vetiver and amber musk for an undeniable seduction. It becomes so softly alluring like a gentle caress in the way it touches you.

You can also take comfort in knowing from this review that this Scent Organix perfume is 84% naturally derived and free of phthalates, sulfates and parabens.

I really thought this Scent Organix perfume, I Am Radiant, was beautifully crafted in the exquisite way this eau de toilette played out. It is not a heavy, cloying floral fragrance, but a sheer vision of the right floral combination that can make you to feel beautiful wearing it.

You can find this Scent Organix perfume discussed here for this review at Scent Beauty. The 1.7 oz. I Am Radiant Eau de Toilette retails for $50 at the company’s website. No joke, white floral lovers should check this fragrance out for summer. You will thank this #scentbeauty #scentguru later because it is sure too win you compliments!

To make this fragrance last even longer, I’ll share a trick with you. Apply some unscented body lotion, allow it to somewhat dry and then spray your fragrance.



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    July 17, 2020 / 3:30 pm

    This sounds really nice!

  2. Debbie Yoder
    July 20, 2020 / 9:29 am

    Sounds Lovely!

  3. rochelle haynes
    July 25, 2020 / 9:29 pm

    Sounds good to me

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