Teeth Whitening Dangers You Want to Avoid

Teeth-Whitening-Dangers- You- Want to- Avoid

Tooth-whiteners are wonderful for brightening the shades of our teeth for a more brilliant smile. In fact, attempting to bleach the teeth whiter can become addictive when you start seeing a beautiful difference to those pearly whites. Without realizing it, some of us can easily fall into a bad habit of depending on tooth-whiteners too often, which can also cause more problems than you might expect. Therefore, let me explain why that you don’t want to strive for that blinding smile and overdo teeth whitening due to the dangers you may risk in the process.

Though you may think that because you buy over-the-counter tooth-whiteners strips, home bleaching hit, paint-on tooth-whiteners or whitening trays that this guarantees their safety. After all, these types of products are milder versions that use lower levels of hydrogen peroxide unlike the concentrations that your dentist may use.

The trouble with hydrogen peroxide is that it penetrates through tooth enamel as it lightens. New research also suggests that it cannot only damage tooth enamel but go deeper into the dentin, second layer of the tooth’s structure. In addition, teeth and underlying nerve can become more sensitive.

What else that you could be doing is removing the color pigments from your teeth, which is another of the dangers associated with overdoing teeth whitening. The teeth come turn translucent or even gain a pale blue cast.

Another bit of unwelcome news about overuse of tooth-whiteners revolves around any unknown cavities that you may have that you are bleaching, which can be made worse.

Something else to keep in mind is all home tooth-whiteners are not the same. You could be using ingredients that are more abrasive with higher levels that may be less expensive, but riskier. Make sure to search for one that has an American Dental Association seal for playing it safe.

It may be tempting to have the whitest teeth possible, but be smart about how often you bleach them. Moderation is the key to avoid teeth whitening dangers. You also may want to try a safer natural method such as strawberries and baking soda that I use that works wonderfully.


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  1. tat2gurlzrock
    August 3, 2020 / 6:40 am

    I have never trusted tooth whitening products. You have some great advice!

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