Top Foods for Pain Relief That Can Help Suffering

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Pain may be what signals us that something is wrong or we simply overworked our bodies, but it is hard to live with. However, certain foods can heal that pain more than others. What was interesting was that according to one study, pain medication along with those particular healing foods can increase those pain relieving effects more than you ever realized. Here are five top healing foods for pain relief that you should be aware of that can help.

Magnesium rich foods such as legumes, nuts, seeds, avocados, whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, tofu, and bananas just for starters all can help combat pain. Melons have a higher magnesium and water content for circulating that natural electrolyte to counteract pain transmission, particularly cantaloupes for providing that sought after relief.

Legumes such as lentils are another of these top healing foods for pain relief because they are slowly digested unlike other foods such as carbs and have extraordinary antioxidants called anthocyanins for pain management. Eating legumes won’t give you that initial rush of energy in the same way as eating a meal or snack with carbs that also cause blood sugar spikes, either. Once that blood sugar plummets, you often can get a headache as a result. On the other hand, fiber abundant legumes will keep the blood sugar better balanced while also keeping you fuller for a longer period.

Tart cherries and cherry juice are also among the top foods that promise pain relief. The reason they are so beneficial is because of their bountiful levels of anthocyanins. In fact, cherries are wonderful for diabetes (sweet or tart) to control blood sugar levels and help increase insulin. Other berries such as blueberries and strawberries also have anthocyanins, but cherries are the best choices in regard to natural pain relief.

Regular coffee has caffeine that has been proved to lower pain. If you have a headache, drinking no more than two cups could help alleviate your suffering often enough from how it constricts swollen blood vessels contributing to that agony. Additionally, taking it with aspirin or acetaminophen could boost that pain relief. By the same token, drinking too many cups of coffee could cause a rebound headache from not getting your caffeine and put you in a cycle with your headache returning until your next fix.

Speaking of caffeine, another beverage that you may want to try for pain relief is matcha tea. This green powdered tea is a rich source of 137 additional antioxidants compared to green tea for help with inflammation. At the same time, matcha tea also has higher caffeine levels than other teas for headaches. Furthermore, it also has calming properties due to its amino acid, L-Theanine.

These are just five examples of top foods for pain relief that may help you deal better with pain. Nothing said here is meant to replace visiting your doctor. What I shared here is just to provide you with more natural relief options to shorten its duration.


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