5 Best Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar Levels


You’ve been told to watch your diet due to prediabetes. Therefore, you may be altering your food choices and getting that recommended exercise, but will this be enough to avoid medication? Yet, there is something else that you also may want to try. Did you know that certain minerals and vitamins have been shown to help regulate blood sugar to give you more control? Here are five of the best supplements to lower blood sugar levels.

According to researchers, magnesium is crucial because most people don’t get enough just from their foods such as peanuts, rice, dried fruits, whole wheat, and bran cereal. The reason it is so important is because it regulates muscle and nerve function. When you have those two optimized, then the body has a better chance to metabolize carbohydrates and control blood sugar.

The strange thing is that if you were diagnosed with prediabetes, there is a greater possibly that you may have a magnesium deficiency many experts say. Regardless, magnesium is one of best of those best natural supplements (20 to 130 mg) that can help the body better deal with all the excess sugar we consume to lower blood sugar levels.

Another of these best natural supplements, especially the older that we get that can play a role in lowering blood sugar levels, is chromium. Just like magnesium, it is a nutrient that 60% of us don’t get enough of just from our foods, despite only needing 50 microg. daily. Without enough chromium, our bodies have a hard time processing all the complex and simple sugars we eat. This deficiency may account for weight gain because chromium also helps metabolism fats.

You also might find zinc can help your body improve blood sugar control. Various studies have shown that this natural supplement of zinc can reduce blood glucose to give your body more of a boost. Did you know it also can be beneficial for your immune system? It also helps with hair growth.

Zinc also helps magnesium absorb better into your body. In fact, you may want to try to multitasking supplement instead of swallowing separate pills. I take calcium, magnesium and zinc that are all together in one supplement.

You can also do your body good by increasing vitamin C. This is a water-soluble supplement that may improve circulation to get those excess proteins, lingering in your blood from that sugar to move on out of your system. However, the jury is still out on how high of a dosage the proper amount should be.

Vitamin E is also another of the best natural supplements to help stabilize blood sugar and lower blood sugar levels. The reason it is important is because this vitamin can improve the strength of your cell walls. This means that vitamin E helps insulin and better insulate you as that sugar moves through your system. Along with vitamin C, this pairing has a higher likelihood of keeping the sugar from binding.

This post isn’t meant to replace a visit to your doctor. It is only some useful advice that may further help you to stabilize your blood sugar. If you are on any medication, please check with your doctor first before using supplements to prevent them from counteracting the effectiveness of any prescribed medications.

Furthermore, please be careful when shopping for supplements. Look for labels that have some sort of industry regulation to prevent any problems such as I experienced.


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