Celery Juice Benefits for Boosting Health and Beauty

Celery Juice Preparation
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The beverage of the hour right now happens to be celery juice. In fact, celery juice has become extremely popular between celebrities and spas as the morning drink that can have health and beauty benefits from how it vitamins and minerals can curb inflammation and improve various health conditions. As a result, this could also mean good changes for the skin.

The reason celery juice can contribute so much is because this member of the carrot family has tremendous nutrients such as vitamins A, C, K, along with B2, B6, folate, potassium, and maganese among others. Due to its specialized phytonutrients, its apigenin and luteolin give celery juice a substantial boost in powering up its antioxidants and healing inflammation.

Another interesting fact about the benefits of drinking a morning glass of celery juice can be what it also can do for your gut. According to reseachers, it can feed the bacteria in your stomach like a probiotic to encourage more good bacteria to thrive. This action happens because celery juice can trigger hydrochloric acid to increase in the stomach to promote better digestion to work on proteins and fats.

Though you can munch on celery sticks, you miss out on valuable benefits if you don’t make a celery juice drink out of it. Celery juice is the ideal form because the fiber and pulp are more easily absorbed into your system to help balance your stomach’s pH levels due to its sodium cluster salts. Besides that, drinking it as a juice is a concentrated form over trying to eat countless celery sticks.

I have been starting my mornings with a lemon detox drink of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon, which I recommended to you. If you do that and want to start adding celery juice, it is best to wait at least a half hour first. This small wait is also important if you had plain water first as well to keep from diluting those valuable nutrients in the celery juice. What I am saying is to get the juicer out first to make your celery juice cocktail before coffee and sitting down to breakfast if you hope to really benefit.

I started drinking celery juice for its benefits as a simple test. Well, I wanted to see how it would help inflammation from allergies and arthritis as well as what it could do to assist the complexion. I haven’t been doing this celery juice routine for all that long, but it does seem to help swollen joints a bit more and give the skin added radiance.

If you are on medication, especially a blood thinner such as cumadin, celery juice does have a lot of vitamin K, which you should avoid. In that case, you may want to check with your doctor before adding celery juice to your morning routine.

Another benefit of starting your morning with a glass of celery juice is that it hardly has any calories while helping your body inside and out. Give it a try!

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    I wasn’t aware of all of the benefits of this juice. I am going to give it a try!

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