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Hella Hella Clothing T-Shirt

A universal truth about fashion is the ability to make a statement. After all, you want to express yourself as the unique individual that you are. If you love comfortable and unique casual wear, especially for clothing such as T-shirts to masks, then I highly recommend visiting Hella Hella Clothing that I am about to review.

Recently, a distinctive black T-shirt with a forlorn face that reminded me of an ancient Roman coin, surrounded by a crown of leaves and a border with letters FVCCI printed boldly beneath caught my eye online through an Instagram giveaway. I had no idea behind the meaning of this T-shirt, but it was sure to draw attention and invite conversation, so I entered. To my surprise, I won this lovely piece of comfortable casual wear from Hella Hella Clothing along with a few awesome masks that they also graciously included as an extra gift.

Though I didn’t have to write this review of Hella Hella Clothing, I honestly wanted to pass on how much I liked this eye-catching T-shirt. It is 100% cotton with clear custom printing in that design to keep eyes riveted and wondering what this T-shirt is about.


I needed to get some more masks because the ones that I sewed were horrible. As you could imagine, I was thrilled when I discovered the company had also sent those along as well. I really liked these for design, fit, and most of all, these masks from Hella Hella Clothing didn’t pinch, hurt your ears or feel too tight or loose. One was gathered and opened like an accordion, which was my favorite. However, the other two were just as fantastic. The masks are $8.00 a piece or two for $15.00!

No joke, readers, if you are searching for unique custom designs for clothing and graphic needs such as I shared with you through this review, I highly recommend visiting Hella Hella Clothing on the company’s Instagram page for a fun upgrade to your style. You can also connect with them on Facebook. The company has been in business since 2013 and does great work at reasonable prices.


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