Homemade Hair Dye for Brunettes

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Those of us that are natural brunettes know how much worse we have it for dealing with gray hair than blondes and redheads. Though we always have the option of running to the drugstore for a package of hair color, there is an easy way to cover the gray naturally with this homemade hair dye for brunettes that I have been using.

Before you get too excited, I must tell you that you won’t see results immediately. It takes a few applications before you will notice those ugly grays slowly changing color. Furthermore, this homemade hair dye for brunettes is not a permanent solution. It is more of a semipermanent type of rinse that will last a few weeks. However, it can be a wonderful natural hair color solution especially if you react easily to commercial hair coloring products or are trying to avoid having this type of chemical processing done at a hair salon during this pandemic.

Sage has natural pigments like the black tea with its tannic acid to stain the hair, but sage does something more with how it also can stimulate hair growth. While rosemary also helps hair growth due to its knack for providing the scalp with better circulation, it goes beyond those benefits by helping with any dandruff and contributing great shine.

Whipping up a recipe of this homemade hair dye for brunettes may seem like a lot of bother. However, it can help you escape some of those dangerous chemicals or prolong the time between your regular hair coloring. Give it a try and you just may surprise yourself at what this DIY brown hair dye can do.

Homemade Hair Dye for Brunettes

1/3 cup of dried sage
1/3 cup of dried rosemary
2 ½ cups of boiling water
4 black tea bags

homemade hair dye tea ingredient

How to Prepare the Homemade Hair Dye:

Add the tea bags to boiling water and let them steep for about 20 minutes for a strong, dark tea.

Next, add the sage and rosemary to the tea. Put the pot aside for at least three hours or longer. You can even leave your brew overnight before continuing.

Afterwards, you need to strain the herbs and remove the tea bags. Allow the brew to cool before attempting to use this.

Then transfer the brew into a clean spray bottle. Or, if you prefer you can pour this homemade hair dye over the head while in the bathtub. What I like to do is after shampooing, spray my hair while still in the bathtub because this is a sloppy process and leave this homemade hair dye on without rinsing it off.

I just finish and style my hair as usual. The heat of the hair dryer does seem to help lock in the color more than just air drying.

You won’t use the entire bottle unless you have very long hair. The remaining dye goes into my refrigerator for the next time I wash my hair. Like I said, the color change is gradual. Therefore, you continue spraying with the homemade hair dye until you get the coverage that you need.


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  1. August 14, 2020 / 3:12 pm

    That is interesting!!! I am blonde but I have brunette friends so I will pass this along.

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