How to Handle Adversity When Life Gets Rough

How to Handle Adversity through contemplation
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There are those lucky among us that were born into wealth that never had to worry about money. Therefore, they can’t possibly understand the unique set of problems the average person faces in today’s economy, especially during a pandemic to understand how to handle adversity when life kicks them in the teeth. Since they are looking at life through rose-colored glasses, they see reality for the masses and less fortunate differently. Unfortunately, some people criticize, mock and make up excuses why those others find themselves in a bad situation. However, the only real way anyone can truly appreciate how to handle adversity and what others are going through is to experience the same type of situation for a real test of character.

Anyone can fall victim to circumstances beyond their control. You could have had the highest paying position and be used to all the best that money can buy until life throws you a curve out of nowhere. For the first time in your life, you may find that your huge house payment is due. At the same time, your car payments, credit card bills, utilities, and, perhaps, an unexpected household emergency could arise such as your sewer line goes, a major appliance breaks to your pet or member of the family needing medical treatment that goes beyond normal or a co-pay. This artificially inflated stock market could also crash at anytime and cause your 401K and savings to disappear.

As frightening as all financial hardships are, the problems to handle setbacks could even be worse. What if you lost a member or your entire family due to natural disaster, disease, an accident or murder, which can’t be replaced?

Being the case, you could just as easily find yourself on the opposite side of a situation that you never could imagine could possibly happen to you or your family. If so, you’re probably wondering how to handle adversity when life throws you a curve and what to do next without losing your spirit or dignity.

Without that regular paycheck coming into your bank account, you need to make some adjustments to your normal spending habits. Try paying the necessities first such as housing, utilities and food are the first necessary steps to handle adversity when misfortune hits. The next thing that you want to do when life throws you a curve is trim all the extras that you typically buy each month such as new outfits, entertainment, dinners out, etc. while you are struggling.

Besides filing for unemployment, you may need to look to a food bank or call churches in your area to be directed to their food pantry. They can help you out as a temporary fix to provide that bit of extra needed support to better navigate through dark days.

It also is important to get emotional support to help you handle such burdens when it overwhelms you. There are local government agencies that you can be directed or get advice from your place of worship.

Once that you get back on your feet, you may find the experience has changed you as well by making you more understanding and compassionate to others. After all, life is unpredictable and tests us in ways that we always don’t understand. Nevertheless, bad situations seem like they can crush spirits, but they can also make us stronger in the process and help each of us grow into better human beings.


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