Kids Tablet Review–Xgody t702 Tablet

 Xgody t720 tablet kids tablet

I was recently sent a tablet made by Xgody with their t702 model that is a reasonably priced small tablet and a great option for kids for this review. Sure there are other tablets out there but this does the same thing and is inexpensive. After all, it is helpful to introduce technology to kids as early as possible without risking your money when mishaps occur.

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This tablet comes out of the box as a standard black tablet with Google Chrome with other pre-installed software. There are kids titles also installed too. And since it runs Android 8.1 1GB RAM 16GB ROM you can get more apps from the Google Play store. And this screen’s resolution is quite good at 1024 X 600.

Xgody t702 kids tablet box

The tablet I got has a blue rubber or silicone case you can put the tablet into that has big blue handles so they can more easily hang onto it. So dropping it should be a bit harder on that front. The case is thick silicone rubber that gives it some protection.

Right out of the box the tablet is set up for WiFi. All I had to do was set up the password for my network since this isn’t leaving the house. But again, it is set up for WiFi so as long as you have that you are good to go.

 Xgody t702 tablet for kid's

In addition, the tablet comes with some decent security to keep the kids from going to sites you want them to steer clear of or buying stuff they shouldn’t. You can lock that down with a parental password.

There is even something for tracking how the child is using the tablet with a behavior accounting program built right in. You can get recommendations for applications and even classify them. This kid’s tablet can, of course, be customized. There is even a feature to input a delay if something is coming up and you want it to time out.

kids tablet Xgody t702 tablet back

Consequently, you can always remove the silicone rubber cover on this Xgody t702 featured in this review to have a regular tablet. This way adults could surf the net with it, watch a movie, play games, and check email using the regular Google Chrome browser as opposed strictly using it just with the child apps.

Your kids can do a lot with this little Xgody t702 tablet shared here for this review. So getting them a taste for tech and at the same time stepping up their skills in drawing, math, and language is easy. You can find this product at the company’s website here. Check it out!


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  1. August 18, 2020 / 6:33 am

    That is a nice tablet. Our little grandson would probably love one!

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