Until Midnight Book Box–Merman July 2020 Review

Until Midnight Box

Like most writers, I am an avid reader. Though I enjoy a variety of different genres, one of my favorites is romance. Give me time-travel romances, historical, contemporary, or paranormal romance books and I find it such a delightful way to unwind. However, I never knew about Until Midnight paranormal romance book subscription until recently being sent the Merman Box July 2020 for this review.

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Until Midnight is a book subscription that specializes in paranormal romances for a unique read with sexy, romantic heroes out of the ordinary. This romance box also comes with extra trinkets from jewelry, candy, bookmarks, teas, etc. to go along with each new theme in this monthly book subscription.

The price for the Until Midnight book box is $45.00 per month with free USA shipping. This book subscription also ships internationally at a higher rate.

Before I delve into the Until Midnight Merman July 2020 Box, I want to explain that the book or books included may come from familiar authors that you may recognize shopping at your bookstore or unknown writers. You also may find novellas instead of a typical fat paperback that you are probably accustomed to reading.

Now that I briefly explained what you might expect from Until Midnight book box subscription, I want to elaborate further on what I discovered in the Merman paranormal romance box.

To my astonishment, I found two skinny paperbacks that were actually novellas over conventional paperbacks by an author that I never heard of. The first book was The Merman’s Kiss by Tamsin Ley, which was 131-pages while the second The Merman Quest by Tasmin Tey was a mere 70-pages. These are quick reads that you can finish while enjoying a leisurely bath or while putting on your dinner. If you consider yourself an impatient reader, the chapters are only several pages each.

Inside, this July 2020 assortment for Until Midnight Merman Box was some sparkly items that your preteen may want to play with such as a glittering fanny bag pouch, face gems (two sets) of skin jewelry to paste on, a small box of Karizma Beauty Mermaid Glitter, a sea shell mirror compact, a bag of TaffyTown saltwater taffy, and four makeup brushes with colorful handles.

The particular assortment for this paranormal romance box for July 2020 was just so-so based on what I discovered. Next month, we shall see what Until Midnight has in mind when they release their witch-themed box that I will review for you. I will fill you in later.

If what I described sounds like your type of romance book box, then this paranormal book subscription is one you may enjoy. Subscribe to Until Midnight Box at Cratejoy.


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