Barnana Plantain Chips Review for Healthier Snacking

Barnana Plantain Chips

I had never tasted a plantain before. I’ve seen them in the grocery stores where I shop, but never bought one of those fat green cousins of the banana before. I heard that these were popular in some countries like Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa as a vegetable staple like potatoes are to us here in the United States. Intrigued as I was, I could only guess what Barnana plantain chips could possibly taste like when they arrived and decided a review was in order in case you were just as curious.

Plantain chips were a new chip experience as well. Let me tell you that Barnana plantain chips are thicker and harder than even ruffled chips. Besides a definite texture difference, these chips pack a lot of interesting flavor from the delightful array of seasonings from Himalayan sea salt, lime, mango to healthy oils like avocado oil for pumping up added flavor while contributing for a healthier snacking choice.

Barnana sent along six different varieties of their plantain chips that include Pink Salt Tortilla Chips, Acapulco Lime, Organic with Vinegar and Sea Salt, Spicy Mango Salsa Chips, and the Himalayan Pink Salt Chips along with an assortment of their banana brittles. I didn’t get a chance to taste those yet because I am becoming hooked on these incredible Barnana plantain chips. After all, there is only so much room in a stomach at a time but soon I will get to them.

My favorites are the Barnana Tortilla Chips with Lime and Sea Salt and the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Chips. I noticed the tortilla chips are a thinner texture than the plantain chips, which was great for easier chewing. I also found the Himalayan Pink Chips had a better thickness than some of the other varieties. Both also had such tasty flavor to compliment those plantains.

These Barnana Plantain Chips are paleo, organic, free of sugar, grain, gluten, and corn. You can buy them at the company’s website or at Whole Foods so check them out the next time that you want to improve your potato chip eating experience.


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