Lather Products Review for Natural Skincare

lather products

Lather is a company that takes natural skincare to a higher level with their approach to overall effectiveness without sacrificing health through their formulas. In fact, this is the first company that I have seen that lists not only the ingredients in their products but a separate guide to explain more in detail on the ingredients selected for use in their line of conscious vegan face, body, hair care and wellness products. I recently had the opportunity to try some Lather products for the first time and wanted to give my thoughts on a few of their face and body care in this review.

Let me start with the Lather Lemongrass and Mangosteen Sink Set that I couldn’t be more pleased with. This set makes a lovely display in a bathroom, especially a guest bathroom that will adorn and keep it tidy, being that each 10-oz. bottle is dispensed from a pump. One bottle is the Lemongrass Wasabi Hand Wash that is gentle without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, and colors. It also has a great fresh smell while keeping the skin healthy and pampered with aloe and wheat germ oil among its notable ingredients. The other is the matching bottle of Mangosteen & Green Tea Hand Lotion. This is a beautifully scented light feeling lotion that is fast absorbing while conditioning the skin with avocado oil and shea butter besides the antioxidant, mangosteen.

For the face, I found the Lather Ultra Mild Face Wash among these Lather products that I am sharing with you through this review quite soothing for my complexion. At this time of year, my skin gets extra sensitive from all the pollens like ragweed peaking before the first frost. This face wash felt nice as it cleansed away makeup and grime without stripping my delicate skin in the process. This product has white tea that has antibacterial and anti-aging properties as well as beneficial ingredients such as rosemary, chamomile, aloe, and pomegranate to works its magic.

I also tried the Lather Toning Eye Gel with Peptides. This Lather product has a refreshing feel as it sinks quickly into the skin. It is not overly greasy, but a lightweight consistency. This eye gel managed to help with puffy, morning allergy eyes and improve the eyes’ overall appearance. This eye gel has some quite hard-working ingredients such as royal jelly that could help with inflammation, Swiss apple stem cells, niacin aid, and green tea among its ingredients for keeping the eyes younger looking.

These were just a sampling of the few Lather products sent to me, but I was so impressed that I wanted to give you my two-cents on their performance for you here through this review. I really did like Lather products and will be looking into more now that I have experienced them firsthand. Check this company’s website out.


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