Nature’s Wellness Box Review–August 2020 Box

Nature's Wellness Box Review

Those trying to eliminate as many toxic chemicals from their lives as possible in order to take better care of their health seriously should consider Nature’s Wellness Box, a natural subscription box such as this latest August 2020 assortment I am about to review. This box can introduce you to natural alternatives for a more holistic lifestyle approach to well-being of body and mind. After reviewing my first box last month, I have fallen in love with how this natural subscription curates their box so let me elaborate on the benefits of this box.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

You can expect to discover between five and six full size products focused on a healthier, balanced lifestyle for body and mind that can take out the guesswork of finding these wellness brands on your own. All the items are nontoxic, vegan, natural, and cruelty-free with at least an $80 value. You also are sent a descriptive flyer with information about each item along with its value.

The cost of this natural lifestyle subscription box per month is $35 + $14.95 shipping per month. The price can be lowered with a longer commitment. Canadians pay according to the Canadian dollar that appears more money at $45 + $18.95 per month at the company’s website, which is relatively the same. Depending on where you order from the USA or Canada, the price automatically adjusts at checkout at the Nature’s Wellness Box website.

Nature's Wellness Box unboxed

To give you a better example of why I am excited about Nature’s Wellness Box, then let me show you what the natural subscription box had in store for August 2020.

The first product that I found was the Dock & Bay Quick Dry Towel. It is always nice to have another full-size towel, especially one that doesn’t soak up water like the regular cotton variety. This is a quicker drying towel made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. It retails for $33.

Next, there was a tube of Morroccan Magic Vanilla & Lavender Lip Balm ($6). This is a great way to soothe dry lips with organic argan oil and helping yourself to some lavender aromatherapy. I am saving this to pamper my lips before drifting off to sleep at bedtime.

Anyone that knows me can tell you how much I adore spending time in my tub with my assortment of bath products. Therefore, I was in my element with the Lady Flow Rose Petals Himalayan Bath Salt ($12). This product also has Epsom salt, rose petals and rose essential oil for calming when you feeling stressed, achy or when PMS strikes.

It is common knowledge that antiperspirants can pose a risk to breast tissue due to how the ingredient of aluminum in its formula may accumulate. A safer option is using a deodorant. Nature’s Wellness Box included a box of four mini sizes of natural deodorants from Routine Cream ($18) in different scents.

The last product from this natural subscription box for August 2020 was a yummy Nomz Energy Snack bar ($4). It is certified organic, vegan, paleo, gluten free and without refined sugars, but it had plenty of nuts, dates, cocoa, coconut oil, and fleur de sel (a particular sea salt).

Besides Nature’s Wellness Box August 2020 being a wonderful value, I appreciate the careful thought and research about the products included in this natural subscription box that I shared here for this review. Check this natural subscription box out and you’ll be glad that you took my advice!


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