Rocky Mountain Soda Offers the Best Soda


If you want to treat your taste buds to something special from typical soda, then you need to upgrade your drinking experience with Rocky Mountain Soda that I tried recently. This is a superstar of sodas that delivers the most intense and unique flavor of the highest caliber.

Rocky Mountain Soda is an all natural soda that just uses four ingredients with their carbonated water, pure cane sugar, natural flavors, and non GMO citric acid. This brand of soda also is kosher, gluten free and vegan while being made in small batches.

You may think what is the big deal? Well, let me tell you that the proof of that care that Rocky Mountain Soda takes in perfecting their recipe is proof once you savor the deliciousness of each of the 13 varieties personally to the beauty of the Colorado wildlife illustrated on their labels. Unlike the limited flavors that you find at your grocery store, this company goes further in selecting and combining the natural flavors that can give common sodas a run for their money.

Rocky Mountain Soda Flavors

Rocky Mountain Soda empty bottles

Rocky Mountain Root Beer

Breckenridge Blackberry

Colorado Cola

Buena Vista Black Cherry

Golden Ginger Beer

Evergreen Elderberry

Boulder Birch Beer

Loveland Lemon Limeade

Grand Mesa Grape

Old Centennial Orange Cream

Palisade Peaches & Cream

Pike’s Peak Prickly Pear

Rocky Mountain Root Beer

For instance, Rocky Mountain Soda makes two different root beers. So root beer is root beer is probably what is going through your mind. Ha! You would be in for a big surprise. Root beer lovers would be spoiled once you sampled their Boulder Birch Beer. It is the darkest brown color from the sap extracted from black birch trees with such creamy vanilla, maple syrup and wintergreen overtones that bulk up that rich root beer flavor to extraordinary new heights. On the other hand, their Rocky Mountain Root Beer is just as incredible with a wonderful vanilla and caramel taste along with cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice to boost its sassafras flavor where root beer flavor has never gone before. You can fairly say I LOVE both of those equally.

Rocky Mountain Soda even has a completely organic line of soda with their oogave line (sweetened with agave) that I need to try sometime.

I could go on and on about the uniqueness of each of Rocky Mountain Soda’s line, but I would be here all day. In order to understand how much I love their products, I highly recommend visiting this company’s website to try the difference. Once you do, I bet that you also will be spoiled forever. Check them out and thank me later!


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