Until Midnight Paranormal Romance Box August 2020

Until Midnight Paranormal Romance Box August 2020

Though I will read practically any genre, my favorite choice is romance since I love a happy ending. Until Midnight is a paranormal romance box that pairs a different sort of romance with a few extras such as jewelry, candy, bookmarks, candles, etc. to suit a new monthly theme like this witch centered romance offering for August 2020 provided for this review.

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Before I go into this review of Until Midnight paranormal romance book box August 2020, let me briefly fill you in about the price. The cost per box is $45.00 per month with free USA shipping. Furthermore, the company also ships internationally at a higher rate.

August 2020 Until Midnight paranormal romance book box brought two novels by Annabel Chase in her Magic Uncorked series (Midlife Magic Cocktail Club Book 1) that has 205-pages and Bewitching Bitters (Midlife Magic Cocktail Club Book 2) that has 189-pages. Each is short enough for a quick read that you can polish off when needing a pleasant romantic escape with a sexy hero during a hectic day.

The August 2020 box also had two delicious scented candles with a delightful fruity aroma. They are perfect for burning while immersed in the books and sipping on the Sutter Home Sweet Riesling wine that was also included in the box. I never tried that variety of wine before and definitely will pick up another bottle because it was very good.

I also found a handful of Hershey’s chocolate kisses, which honestly is my favorite candy. I have no control when it comes to Hershey’s chocolate of any form.

Then again, Until Midnight paranormal romance book box also sent along some witch related items that your kids would appreciate. There was a big black canvas tote bag with a good witch in silver on one side and bad witch in silver on the opposite side. Along with a witch stickpin that reads All That and a Pointy Hat that would be great for using maybe next year when you send them out again for Halloween trick-or-treating.

In case, you might be wondering what last month’s box was like, I linked it for you here.

Romance lovers that crave the unusual romantic hero should visit the company’s website on Cratejoy to sign up or learn more.


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