Allergic Reaction or Skincare Irritation?

Allergic Reaction or Skincare Product Irritation

Have you ever wondered if after using a new anti-aging product if that irritation causing extra dry skin or more redness was simply an allergic reaction or just what is to be expected? If so, you are not alone because the signs can be confusing. Therefore, let me help enlighten you on how to distinguish between skincare product irritation and an allergic reaction?

In regard to anti-aging products, there is a slew of potential suspect ingredients that could be responsible for skin care irritation such as retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C, preservatives, and fragrances. In fact, skincare product irritation could also show up as hives, a rash or itching. The reason that you may keep on using that product is because this is how you believe anti-aging products are expected to perform. After all, they have more hard-working, active ingredients for exfoliation to help spur cell renewal for that younger appearance you desperately want. Yet, there is a better way to judge between skincare product irritation and a possible allergic reaction than allowing yourself false hope while remaining uncomfortable.

The next time you find yourself in this position about whether to keep on using that new skincare product or toss it, you should perform a simple test. First, wash the inside part of your arm and dry it. Then rub in a thin layer of the product toward the crack of your forearm. If you immediately start noticing skincare product irritation after a few minutes, then you are more likely experiencing an allergic reaction. Even though you hate to discard an expensive skin care product, you should wash that arm off and stop using it.

In case that you don’t notice any skincare product irritation right away, do yourself another favor. Leave that product on your arm and wait 24-hours to see how your skin reacts. This could clue you into this particular product giving you only a mild reaction.

Another suggestion to limit skincare product irritation when using an anti-aging line is not using that product every day. Instead, give your skin a break and opt for just a moisturizer.

Doing so can be the relief that your sensitive skin has been looking for since the product could be just too harsh for the present condition of your skin. The reason your skin could possibly be more sensitive to those ingredients could be because of over exfoliation or rosacea. This is something you should keep in mind.

Though not anti-aging, salicylic acid is often in acne products that can contribute to skincare product irritation. Being one of the beta hydroxy acids, it also can inflame the skin more for some people than others.

Skincare product irritation is nothing to take lightly. Though it can mild, an allergic reaction may have you visiting a doctor or your pharmacy for a cortisone cream or antihistamines before finding relief.


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