Benefits of a Routine You May Have Overlooked

Benefits of a Routine -Bathing Routine

We often take our habits for granted to fit our pressed time schedules or to please others. However, establishing a routine does have benefits that you may have overlooked. For this reason, I wanted to share why and those various benefits of a routine with you.

To begin with, a routine can help with stress. After all, doing something, the same way or time can give you more control. For example, you may have a certain number of brush strokes before rinsing your mouth of toothpaste. Perhaps, you prefer three times for the upper teeth before repeating those same brushing motions on the bottom and then moving inside. Maybe your tooth brushing repetitions last longer or are shorter. What I am getting at is, you may need a certain number of repetitions when brushing to feel confident enough that you are preventing cavities. The important thing that I am trying to get across is that there are mental benefits of a routine they may differ from one individual to the next, but they exist.

Another of these mental health benefits of a routine is by how it can increase your self-worth from all the extras that you do for hygiene and beauty. Think of all the skin care rituals from facials, treatments to products and the tons of makeup that we own just because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We gain more confidence from our beauty routines in how we show ourselves to the world.

By the same token, the physical effects from a routine such as jogging, taking a long bath to getting a massage also can have benefits. In response to that physical response of touch or the body in motion, the brain releases the happy hormone of oxytocin.

Something as simple as eating your meals at the same time can aid in digestion, family bonding to better regulating weight. Sticking to a meal schedule with three balanced meals will help you avoiding excess snacking.

Still, another of these benefits of a routine is in regard to dieting. If you brush your teeth after dinner and floss, you may find it easier to avoid nightly snacks unless you want to brush and floss all over again.

All in all, having structure in your life from the benefits of a routine has many things to offer. Hopefully, this post can help you get even more out of your life as a result.


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