Halloween 2020: The Scariest Year of Your Life

Halloween 2020 Pumpkin

Halloween is nearly upon us. In some areas, there will be neighborhoods going ahead with the usual celebration with trick-or-treaters this year. However, Halloween 2020 is truly the scariest year that we ever lived through with COVID-19 still a growing, unsolved problem. I don’t know how you will be planning to handle your children regarding going outside in the midst of this pandemic, but I suggest there could be a safer alternative for Halloween 2020 that could still make children happy without feeling that they missed out on their candy loot from trick-or-treating.

What you can always do is explain to your children that this Halloween 2020 we are going to celebrate differently. Instead of marching in their costumes in the dark and cold night just to load up on candy, you are going to make Halloween 2020 even better. They will still get their bag of candy, their favorites in fact, and something else fun with a great Halloween movie like Hocus Pocus, a fantastic family comedy, the whole family could watch together or another. You can even make my popcorn balls recipe for something special to munch on.

If the idea of candy and a movie doesn’t go over well, you always have another option by buying a new board game for the whole family to play together for Halloween 2020. There are quite a few such as Spooky Mad Libs, Horrified: Universal Monsters Strategy Board Game to Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game just for starters.

For parents that have avid readers at home, you also have another possibility that could excite your children. You can always buy them a few books in the horror genre for Halloween 2020 to accompany their candy loot. There are witches, goblins, jack-o’-lanterns, and monsters to choose from depending on their age such as Room on the Broom, The Night Before Halloween, etc.

Children may be disappointed, but isn’t it better to keep them safe when you can provide the same things at home?


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