DIY Ideas for Home Organization and Storage You’ll Want

Home Organization and Storage Wicker Vanity Tray
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Organizing our homes can be a challenging task. After all, most of us have more stuff than we actually need to present a problem of where to store it in the amount of space we have. For that reason, here are some helpful diy ideas for home organization and storage that can simplify life for tidying up your living space.

One useful idea for home organization and storage is restricting how many small items you want displayed on your dresser, vanity or coffee table at one time. Setting a certain number out only on a mirrored tray, wicker vanity tray or another decorative tray can help in two ways. You won’t be dusting as many bottles, figurines, candles or other decorative pieces. Furthermore, you also save any messy cleanup from a product possibly spilling or leaking since it is easier wiping the tray than attempting to repair what a spill could do to your wood.

Another time saving home organization and storage idea centers around your kitchen and the little refrigerated food items like yoghurt cups. Instead of getting them lost behind other larger jars or containers, I suggest using a clear storage bin just for these size small foods. You can even stick in other little items that you don’t use that often such as worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, olives, etc. Keeping them together in one place will prevent hunting for them later and more aware of expiration dates.

Labeling really can help simplify home organization and storage. You may be in the habit of labeling every storage container or box with a stick on a label, but there is something else that helps for keeping you more on top of what’s in the shelves of your pantry. Try labeling each section for what usually goes there on the shelf such as the part reserved for canned vegetables, the other section for soups, cereals, etc. This way makes it easier when writing your next grocery shopping list of what foods that you are low on just by glancing. It also is a great idea in case you get sick and another member of the household needs to take over your chores and shop to restock.

Something else that I found that really can make a difference is the shape of food containers for home organization and storage. Again, trying to fit those round storage containers or casserole dishes can be daunting, especially if you have a smaller size refrigerator. However, you do gain space by using square food containers is something I learned.

Towels are bulky to store. Yet, you can solve the overcrowding problem in your linen closet or the look of a basket of towels and washcloths by rolling them over stacking them. By the way, the next time you plan to travel, try rolling your outfits when packing a suitcase to save space.

Speaking of linen closets, another home organization and storage idea that saves space is keeping folded sheets inside a pillowcase and placing each set inside the bedroom where it will go. If you don’t have enough space in the bedroom to store the extra sheet set that way keep the sets in the linen closet, but reserve a shelf for each bedroom or the bedrooms of that size they belong.

For more diy ideas for home organization and storage, you also may want to read my earlier post on laundry room organization.

Sometimes, all it takes to save yourself time and frustration is trying another approach such as with these diy ideas for home organization and storage. They have helped me to better conquer clutter in my life. With any luck, they will help you too!


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  1. Melanie B
    January 10, 2024 / 1:37 pm

    Some great tips for organization; I need to restrict the items I display on my furniture, I have too many trinkets!

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