Hot Sauce: Fuego Box October 2020 Review

Hot Sauce Subscription Box Fuego October 2020

I would have never imagined there were so many unusual varieties of hot sauce out there until Fuego Box introduced them to me. This hot sauce subscription box really has a knack of scouring the country to bring some unique flavors to each monthly box. Fuego Box October 2020 is no exception with the tasty trio of hot sauces that recently arrived to please any lover of hot and spicy taste to new heights.

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Let me start with Micky V’s Sam Sauce that is a savory verde sauce with its tomatillosa, apple juice, 7-pot primo peppers, onions, garlic, jalapenos, habeneros along with black vinegar and yuzu vinegars and other spices that give it a flavorful kick with some intense heat. It is very good though on a variety of dishes like my scrambled eggs that I had this hot sauce on this morning.

Zab’s Original Hot Sauce has datil pepper and a great medium heat. This a wonderful traditional sauce that has a slight bit of sweetness from carrots along with its peppers and zesty seasonings and spices. This one was really great on fried fish, but would pair well with any meat, eggs or using in sauces or marinades.

The last hot sauce in Fuego Box October 2020 was Mago’s Pumpkin + Rum. To be frank, I wasn’t looking forward to tasting a pumpkin hot sauce. I tried a few before and never cared for dessert like spices in the ones I tasted. However, this sauce was a pleasant surprise with roasted habaneros, garlic, char grilled onions, spices, and a little dark rum. I added some of this to a dip that I was making for a nice touch. I plan to experiment more with this one in my chili and incorporating in my turkey or bean burgers.

Just to get you a brief idea on how to subscribe to Fuego Box so you also can enjoy amazing artisan hot sauces such as what October 2020 brought, the price is just $29.95 per box with no extra charge for shipping within the United States. Included is also a card that describes each and how best to enjoy the hot sauce.

If you are curious about last month’s assortment of Fuego sauce and what it was like, I linked the review for you.

Check this company’s website out because you’ll really love their monthly boxes!


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