Prevent Split Ends for Good: Your Ultimate Hair Guide 

Split Ends
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Split ends are a common problem for most people. They occur because of the hair fraying at the shaft causing a split in the strand that can give it that dry look at the frizzled ends. However, some of us are more prone to split ends than others such as when hair is overexposed to the sun, chemical treatments, heat damage from styling tools or curly hair to even being born a brunette in how the light can scatter and reflect more than those with lighter hair. Besides some measures I’m going to give you for how to prevent split ends, I’ll also explain how to get rid of them for more beautiful hair that will take the uncertainty of how to handle this universal hair destroyer.

We all know how hectic life can get when it comes to making time for us. Sometimes, it can be hard to fit everything in for one day or even remember how important those few extra minutes matter for our beauty routines. As a result, our hair can suffer from missing the deep conditioning treatments we had hoped for our hair’s sake. This heavier lubrication helps coat the exposed shafts of the hair with more protein such as in a protein deep conditioner with keratin. This type of treatment is especially critical for repairing damaged hair and the look of split ends. Keep in mind, but this measure is not going to help in how to get rid of split ends. Instead, it serves to get you through saving the look of your hair until you can schedule a trim at your hair salon for the only permanent way to deal with them.

Being the case, you want to take care of this once a month in order to return strength, shine and manageability that just relying on an instant hair conditioner that may be unable to deliver. Don’t overdo the protein deep conditioning because it can backfire and make the hair feel dry and stiff again. You also should schedule in a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment that can help with the softness once a month as well for the best results.

Something else you might want to explore in regard to how to get rid of the look of split ends is also trying a product that is a hair mender. This can be a cream or a spray that typically seals in the split ends for a faster, smoother appearance. Unlike the deep conditioner, this one basically just will work on the split ends instead of all the hair. It also is temporary.

Another of the measures that can help in how to solve this problem of split ends down the line is using heat protective hair products. Adding these can make a big difference in the health of your hair to guard it from devastation since they often can defend the strands against heat as high as 450 degrees to help with the problem of split ends.

What else that helps lessen the likelihood of split ends is using a wide tooth comb after washing your hair. This simple tool can save your brush or regular comb from ripping up your hair and strands that are weaker while wet.

Speaking of how you wash your hair, try brushing your hair first before shampooing can help cut down on the split ends to prevent them. The reason this change to your routine can help in ending split ends is because it frees up the strands for chances of less knotting, which can cause the split ends in the first place.

Like I mentioned, the only permanent way to solve split ends is getting a trim. However, following these precautions can better your chances of developing fewer split ends to prevent them in the future.


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