Skincare Routine and How to Intensify Effects for the Best Skin

How to Intensify Effects of Your Skincare Routine

You may think that you are on top of your skincare routine. After all, you may be buying what you consider the best products with the most effective ingredients according to the research. However, you also need to consider a few other factors such as technique, amount of a product per application, etc. in order to get the best results. Otherwise, you are missing out on maximizing the most complexion benefits from your skincare routine. Therefore, I want to share some extra steps that you should be doing for your skincare routine to boost complexion results.

Believe or not, there are benefits to feeding your skin only what it needs. When you just slather on product and layer more with hopes that the extra will work harder for your complexion, then you are making a mistake. You are wasting money. In fact, you also may be contributing to a skin problem by clogging the pores from an excess buildup of heavy cream or serum.

Being the case, you can do yourself more good using about a dime size amount of cream over a larger portion such as a quarter or larger size. On the other hand, a liquid oil or serum needs no more than two pumps to satisfy it. The only instance you should use less is when selecting a liquid retinol serum, which is about three dots worth per use.

Another step to boost complexion results in your skin care habits is thinking about how you apply your products. A lot of skin care companies demonstrate pouring some product into the palm of your hand and rubbing to “warm” it before delivering to your skin. The truth is this is just a great way for them to convince you to use more of their products.

Make it a new habit to apply your eye cream first before the rest of your other creams, serums and oils. If you follow that lead, you’ll notice that the ingredients in that eye cream will have a better opportunity to lock in place instead of becoming diluted by any other serums or creams that could travel upward into that delicate eye area.

Technique matters in how you apply that minimum amount of moisturizers, anti-aging serums and eye creams. This also needs to be scrutinized in regard to your skincare routine with hopes to improve your complexion results. For this purpose, it does help to dab on each allotted amount sparingly to damp, freshly washed skin. The reason you want to dab instead of spread is because it delivers the gentlest pressure instead of unduly stretching the skin that could contribute to wrinkles and sagging. At the same time, dabbing the product while the skin is still slightly damp allows for better and deeper absorption for those active ingredients to work harder for you.

The only time that you don’t want to apply a skin care product to damp skin involves using a retinol, which can penetrate too deeply into the skin. Always remember that when using retinol it is better to apply only on dry skin. Otherwise, your skin can peel or get too red and irritated since they are water-soluble.

Something that I always found that can intensify complexion results is by adding exfoliation to your routine. After all, you want to encourage fresh cells to surface in order for a rebirth of your complexion.

This step of getting rid of dead skin cells is essential with all the products that contain ingredients such as those silicones, which contribute a glide for smoothness in makeup, hair and skin care. Unfortunately, silicones can have also a layering effect for a buildup in the pores when used frequently. Without getting rid of that accumulation, then the complexion dulls or your hair looks greasier.

We start a new skincare regime and sometimes expect to see changes to our complexion overnight. Some brands work faster for some people than others, which can be frustrating. However, you always should give a new skincare routine ample time that amounts to about eight weeks before giving up on the products.

If you incorporate what I shared here into your skincare routine, I promise you that you will notice more beautiful complexion results. Try it and see.


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